Design · October 10, 2021 0

Toupy Is A Shelf Designed To Hang From The Ceiling

A hanging shelf for small items, that's suspended from the ceiling.

Designer Joan Bebronne of Mademoiselle Jo, has created TOUPY, a collection of shelves that are designed to hang from the ceiling.

A wood shelf that hangs from the ceiling.

Inspired by a spinning top, the hanging shelves (or storage trays), are made from wood that has been turned by a master craftsmen.

A suspended side table that hangs from the ceiling.

Each of the trays are made from wood with either a natural, bleached or stained finish, and hang from a matte black solid metal bar. The trays also have a small lip around the edge to stop items from rolling off.

A hanging side table made from wood.

Photography by Jehanne Hupin