Art · February 25, 2021 0

This Sculptural 3D Printed Art Installation Is Made From 30,000 Recycled Water Bottles

Photography ©NAARO

MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network) was recently commissioned by DIFC to create a sculptural installation in Dubai, that showcases 3d printing and uses a polymer made from discarded water bottles.

The design of the pavilion creates an experience for the visitor that’s reminiscent of walking through an abstracted botanical form.

Photography ©NAARO

Named ‘Deciduous’, the pavilion is composed of a hybrid of 3 different sustainable materials: CNC-milled Birch plywood flooring, Robotically 3D-Printed Concrete Base, and a series of branching 3D-Printed PETG stems, a plastic polymer upcycled from 30,000 discarded water bottles.

Photography ©NAARO (first) and ©MEAN (second)

Each of the components were pre-fabricated off-site, before being transported to the installation location, where they were able to be joined together by hand by a team of people.

Photography ©MEAN

Here’s a video that shows how the pavilion was designed and made.

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Design – MEAN* Middle East Architecture Network – Lead Architect: Riyad Joucka | Polymer 3D Printing – Ai Build | Concrete 3D Printing – Besix 3D | 3D Printing Contractor – 3D Vinci | CNC Plywood Fabricator – Lesly Lobo