Design · October 18, 2021 0

These Whimsical Wall Vases Are Designed To Mimic Deer Antlers

This modern black wood wall vase mimics deer antlers.


Eco Deer, founded by Kate Deer, is a collection of contemporary wood wall vases that are ideal for any plant lover. Using simple design and traditional woodworking techniques, these vases are made to mimic the antlers of a deer hanging on a wall.


These modern white and black wood wall vases mimic deer antlers and make the plants stand out on the wall.

Minimalist in style, the raw wood board allows the branches in the vase to be the main attraction in this rooms decor.

This modern raw wood board vase lets the branches be the main attraction in this rooms decor.

Branches of all shapes and sizes, from any season, suit these delicate wood wall vases. Small, long, test tube vases are secured to the wood backing, which is then easily hung on the wall.

These modern wood wall vases have small, long, test tube vases secured to the wood backing.