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The South Harbor Resort by Suppose Design Office

The South Harbor Resort by Suppose Design Office


Description from Suppose Office:

From the first time that you see the Marriage Hall, you will want no other place for your ceremony.The site is in the south of the city of Hiroshima, in the prefecture of the same name. It is a place of abundant natural beauty; the site faces the sea, separated only by a road, and is surrounded on the opposite side by verdant natural forests.

The Marriage Hall itself will project an image that is decorative, but the will appear modest when compared with the natural surroundings. In our plans, even the Hall will not outshine the beauty of nature. The Hall will contain everything that might be required elements for a marriage ceremony, including a foyer, chapel, and banquet hall. Thanks to the separate roofs and floor plans, guests will be able to experience for themselves both the interior rooms and the exterior spaces beneath a roof of flowers and greenery, and to appreciate the beautiful surroundings as they move from area to area.

At present, even though the Hall is only in the planning stages, we have given even the smallest details our full attention, without compromising on quality. Even in these early stages, we have put thought into designing floor plans and architecture which reflects the location. From furniture to lighting to accessories, everything will suit the beautiful setting with a note of style. We have striven to create a setting appropriate for the ceremonies that it will be hosting, and so we are giving these highlights the care and attention that they deserve.

In “For The First Time”, the charm lies hidden between a great many hopes and anxieties. Like a mountain,only those who climb can see the view,and in such places a juxtoposition of such abundance and emotion can be found. We believe that from this point on, we can evoke the same feelings in the place that we will create. Thus, when we consider our final plans for the Marriage Hall, we will include the unforgettable feelings of wanting to meetagain, of wanting to explore a new and beautiful place, of “For The First Time”.