Architecture · February 25, 2021 0

The Roving Bushtops Camp Sits Proudly In The Heart Of The Central Serengeti

Andy and Claudia Stuart have created a place where visitors to Tanzania and Kenya can enjoy the Serengeti and everything a safari involves, while staying in a modern tent.

The Roving Bushtop Camp has all the comforts of home and allows guests to have their own private sanctuary that’s surrounded by the sweeping plains. The tents include a writing desk and a host of decorative touches, including locally-sourced furniture and fittings.

Raised up on a platform, the tents can be combined to create ‘family style’ accommodation, while an en-suite bathroom behind the sleeping area includes a flushing toilet, vanity basin, and shower. The wrap-around deck also features a sunken bath tub.

The Roving Bushtops’ central mess tent combines a restaurant, a lounge, and a covered deck.

Inside the mess tent, the furnishings have been kept to an earthy color palette, with woods and light colored cushions.