The Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel Recently Opened In Indonesia

The Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel Recently Opened In Indonesia

Designed by Alexis Dornier, the Lift Treetop Boutique Hotel located in Penestanan, Indonesia, started out as a testing ground for ideas on how to lift structures off the ground, to have a less invasive footprint and impact, and be more cost-effective and faster to build.

Alexis mentions, “Many developments here on this island use high quantities of concrete, and the experience is often times the same. We wanted to challenge that and create light architecture while suggesting a surreal mix of industrial impermanent structures embedded into a tropical forest.”

The hotel is surrounded by a park-like setting, has facilities like a sauna, a little pool, a bar, seating areas, and other small recreational areas.

Each of the three treetop cabins has spiral stairs that take you up to your room. By being so high, aspects like passive cooling, passive shading through adjacent trees, and being away from mosquito shrubs, are a welcome benefit.

Each of the three hotel rooms has a different design. The first one has a more traditional design, with a four-post bed, exposed ceiling, and a small narrow bathroom.

The second design has a glass wall separating the bedroom from the bathroom, while windows provide plenty of light and views of the trees.

The third hotel room has floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the room, and light curtains can be closed for privacy. This room also has a larger bathroom that features a wood screen, allowing natural light to pass through.

Two of the hotel rooms also have their own outdoor space for relaxing and taking in the scenery.

Photography by kiearch | Architectural design and interior design by Alexis Dornier