Architecture · March 12, 2021 0

The Design Of This Small Backyard Building Was Inspired By Traditional Scandinavian BBQ Houses

Architecture firm SA lab, has designed a FLEXSE, a modern interpretation of a traditional Scandinavian BBQ house.

This compact module made from 100% recyclable materials, has a curved exterior and can be used as a sauna, a guest house, a small café, shop, or as an office pod.

A small module pod with a curved wood exterior that can be used as an office pod, guest house, tiny house, or backyard BBQ house.

The cozy interior of the small building features a sloped ceiling, with a small BBQ and a table for four.

A small BBQ hut with wood walls and matching ceiling, and a round window with a back frame.

The matte black finish of the BBQ matches the color of the round window, which also lets natural light inside, and provides a glimpse of the outdoors.

A round deep window with a black frame.
Photography by Ekaterina Titenko