I have got to you the best cool balcony decors, that’ll inspire you every day. Balcony decoration isn’t as difficult as it seems. Balcony decoration for the summer season is what that helps you aspire you for a better tomorrow. You can decorate your balconies in a variety of themes and colors. So, without any more delay, let me quickly help you with some awesome ideas for cool balcony decors. You may want to check my other article on Christmas Balcony Decor.

Cool Balcony Decors that invokes happiness the moment you take a step into it

The balcony is the most peaceful place, I find in homes. That little space, where you can look up to the flying airplanes, the beautiful skylines and when you look down, you see the streets, bustling with cars and crowds. Balcony today seems like the only real touch of nature we have in our homes. If you don’t prefer reading, you can watch the video instead.


#1: Cool decors for small balconies:

Today the biggest concern that comes to us as unsolvable riddles is how to decorate our small rooms. Honestly, in our modern apartments, we do not have balconies. What we get in the name of balconies, is a tiny little space, overlooking a dusty skyline, buzzing with street noise. This is a general predicament most people face when they decide to do some decorations on the balconies. However, you can add some clever furniture here. cool balcony decors

source: dom.wp.pl

  • Modern furniture with storage space and build on patios are just perfect for small balconies. Decorate it with cozy cushions.
  • Hang long climbing planters that block the direct sunlight from your seating space.
  • Fill your space with colorful summer flower pots.
  • Spruce it up by coloring the pots in vibrant hues.
  • Add artificial turfs to the little space you have, and you’ll have a nirvana station right at your doorstep!
  • Add small tables and centerpiece if space allows you to do so.
  • You can also decorate the place with LED Lights, which when glows at night, looks magical.

#2. Minimalistic Decors

A minimalistic decor means a simplistic decor that feels as natural as the grounding beauty of nature. A minimalistic balcony decor with subtle elements of modernity paired along with ethnic artworks looks inviting.cool balcony decorssource: designforlifeden.com

  • You can put in simple Patios, low seating comfortable couches along with some indoor plants.
  • It’s always a great idea to mix and match your furniture, made with different materials. This strikes out as elegant, without being an eyesore.

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#3. Vivacious decors

The winter season has finally bid goodbye to us until next year and the summer season has taken its place, like a loyal friend. cool balcony decorssource: girlthings.net

  • A vivacious balcony decor for the summer season is the best way to greet the season of colors.

#4. Bohemian Balcony decor:

Boho chic is the trending buzzword of the season. A bohemian decor is about keeping the flag of culture and traditions flying high while decorating with unique artifacts and eclectic centerpieces, that are closest to nature. Paint up the flower pots on your balcony in boho chic, myriad colors.

Image Source: instagram.com

You can also choose from an array of stunning bohemian cushions and rugs available online. You can also go for bohemian rugs, that spells the ethereal beauty, we’ve read about in books.

#5. Hippie Balcony decor:

Image Source: instagram.com

A hippie balcony decor celebrates the spirit of a globetrotter in our hearts. A hippie decor is an amazing way to relive your travel experience, in the comfort of your homes, staring at the starry night sky and fading moon.

#6. Funky Balcony decor:

Image Source: instagram.com

  • Design with surprising elements, unique texture, and innovative planters.
  • Rethink every single aspect of your balcony.
  • Replace the patios with modern seating arrangements.

So this was a description of how to decorate your balconies for the hot season, greeting you. A relaxing little hut, that talks back to you is what you want your balconies to be. Follow one of the above themes or just mix and match ideas from everywhere, let your balconies greet you like your personal nirvana station. Write to me how it went. Also, share more ideas if you have. It is always a pleasure to talk about decors 🙂

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