Tiles today are not just a luxury, they enhance your personality and compliment your style. Tiles with its smooth texture and shining surface make any dull room look beautiful. These days modernity has crept its fingers in almost all walks of our lives and has helped us bring in tiles in place of wallpaper or flooring. But its very important to keep the flame of imagination and creativity burn brightly while putting up tiles in your room.

We have come a long way from the times when it was mandatory to play by the rules. These days everything is all about freedom and breaking free from the shackles of rusty rules. Any decor dances on the pinnacle of admiration when it makes its climb with authenticity, passion, and innovation. So today I have brought you a range of stunning and astounding ideas for tiles which reflect innovation and illustrate imagination. Come along with me on an inspiring journey that’ll leave you enthralled and brim your soul with sparkling ideas.

10 Modern Tiles That Talks Back to You

#1. An inspiration from the mundane:

An interesting idea to spice up your flooring is to use fish scales designs. these eccentric geometric patterns are mundane but perfect to add a spicy touch to a dull floor. Like in the image below the interesting use of coin grey color helps shine the floor brilliantly.

Modern Tile decor ideassource: https://pin.it/kqpa2am44zhsjj

#2. Unique Coins for Flooring:

An unique way of decoration is to use bronze coins or any unused coins to do up your floors. Ideal decor for big rooms, a shiny and unique flooring helps you cut out on the huge vastness of big space. It is so urbane and stylish and looks just wonderful.source: livedan330.com

#3. Make a distinct Bathroom:

Use these hexagonal tiles to create charming patterns and alluring designs in your bathroom. Put a color that you love and leave it done when you feel like. Dont cover up the walls in the traditional structured way. Put some splashes of uniqueness and modernity by creating a dynamic pattern. You’ll  be thrilled to see the final result and will certainly have an aww moment.Modern tile decor ideasSource: contemporist.com

#4. Create a carpet beneath you:

Use these hexagonal tiles to create a tiled carpet beneath your feets. Let them keep your feets warm and your moods sunny. They don’t blend in with the floor and stands out like a showsstopper. Use any color you want and put them as you wish. Modern tile decor ideasSource: https://pin.it/6trnpiksqps7qq

#5. Create lively patterns:

Use any colored or patterened tile and leave it in way that it potrays a picture. Let your imaginations guide you into leaving them half done and yet creating a mesmerizing design that spells out your fantasies. Create any imagery you want and let it reflect your unique desires and wants!Modern tile decor ideassource: https://pin.it/ep2ot4ajfpluut

#6.Introduce some colors: 

The simple introduction of yellow or blue or grey in the sea of white tiles look like pearls on sand. These colorful tiles will be like a bright star shinning in the dark skies. They will speak for themselves and simply embolden the personality of your room.
Modern tile decor ideassource: https://pin.it/fip5aml54af4ah

#7. Leave it half done:

These unique and absolutely stunning flooring tiles are simply gorgeous. Not just they save your effort but  leave no stone unturned to give your home a jazzy and modish makeover. Simply lay them wherever you want and let them play with the color of the floor and you’ll see a brand new floor which will surely be a treat to your imagination and  reality.
Modern tile decor ideassource: https://pin.it/vptghezmwhtxel

#8. Contrasting floor tiles:

Dark colors glow when we pair them with a light shade. When we put a black and juxtapose it with a white natuarally they complement each other and underlines the yin-yang effect of nature. Look below in the picture where they have paired light blue with dark or white with black and have created a mesmerizing floor. Modern tile decor ideassource: https://pin.it/rtqp2wdqkcuxwh

#9. Dynamic shades of Grey:

Use simple and sophisticated grey and create a dynamic setting in your washroom. Its elegance and quiete aura will surely give you and unwinding feeling. You can play with shades of grey to give it some dynamism.Modern tile decor ideassource: https://pin.it/rtqp2wdqkcuxwh

#10. Black with angles:

A boring wooden flooring is brought to life with interesting use of black hexagonal tiles, in the image below. Follow a pattern or make out your own unique pattern as you desire. finish up the entire floor or just enjoy its beauty in it being kept half done. this mordern floor tile idea is amazing.Modern tile decor ideassource: https://pin.it/ss3pqwy3jtx5nj

So, this was a brief guide to jazz up your home with mordern tiles that elevates your home to an extraordinary one in a jiffy. Do comment below and let me know your views on this post.  If you like this blog, don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and StumbleUpon, because sharing is caring! 🙂 Be in touch with us by Liking and following our page on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest for all of our latest contents. Also, if you are interested in publishing your own blog on my site, you can contact me via my contact page and I’ll get back to you.

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