Flowers can be used in myriad fashions. Some people prefer to keep leafy plants at home while some of us keep just flowers as centerpieces or showpieces. Any which ways, keeping delicately arranged flowers requires a lot of creativity and hence, it helps in transforming our room with splendorous simplicity. They inspire us for a better tomorrow filled with hope, happiness, and exhilaration. It is said that there is no beauty and poetry of nature and hence wherever we go, unconsciously our eyes always look for natural wonderment to amuse the soul. Flowers kept at any corner of a room, catches the attention of everyone instantly. They fill our rooms with amusing beauty and ethereal luxury.

A few years ago, I was going through a difficult phase in life, struggling with emotional restraint. then out of nowhere, I read an advertisement in the newspaper that there is a flower show going on in town. I was contemplating on going there, and then again was stuck in indecisive oscillations. but, I was lucky that after a few hours, I found myself surrounded by beauty all around. I went to that flower show and that changed my pattern of thoughts for the day. I was surprised how quickly I was all cheerful and appreciative of the hard work of gardeners, who plant a sapling like a baby and take utmost care for it to grow and bloom. On returning back home, I started thinking on the lines of hard work and care and that is when it struck me, how can I use creative DIY’s and stylish flower arrangement ideas so that I can give the perfect tribute to these babies born out of hard work, sweat and endearment. I had read somewhere that, Flowers are said to the babies of the universe through which earth smiles at us. Flowers at home fill us with simple joy. You take one look at flowers and automatically your mood refreshes. Your mind starts to think differently.


Stylish flower arrangement

Let me help you today to keep this flowery inspiration alive. I shall discuss some stylish flower arrangement ideas that’ll add hints of poetry and passion in your thoughts.

Stylish flower arrangement  ideas & DIY tips

  1. Daisy Dances: it is said that daisy is a happy flower and nobody is able to contain sadness after being next to a daisy. These flowers look amazingly beautiful. You can arrange them in wooden boxes or old unused cartoons. If you want you can cover these cartoons with any colourful cloth that you no longer use. Pair these daisies with multiple colours for an elegant style statement.
  2. Valentine’s Special: We use lots of roses on Valentine’s Day, so to pair these roses you can use them with sweetheart plants which have a heart-shaped leaf. You can make a bouquet sort of arrangement. Simply place sticks of low to high sizes around the plant and stick roses onto them. Place roses near the centre as well and cleverly combine it with some white lilies or daffodils for a perfect style statement
  3. Doorway Grandeur: use your old boots and fill them with trimmed carnations and stylishly slender Gladiolus. Add hints of poetry to them with baby’s breath and colourful ribbons
  4. Passionate Syndrome: Fill your home with bursts of red. Use red vases and fill them with correctly trimmed Mexican Anthurium and African violets. Mexico is a land of passionate people and African violets are said to be passionate flowers. Make a simple yet sophisticated style statement with these plants in a velvety red vase
  5. Handsome Tulips: Make a style stamen with tulips. Wrap the tulip leaves around the stem bunches of tulip and place it in a glass jar. This is a simple style statement done right. If you do not like this arrangement try trimming your tulips and place them along with few leaves in a round bottom bowl of stone. Place this showpiece on any tabletop or on your side tables. You’ll never get tired of admiring its beauty.
  6. Sundry Sunflowers: There is something special about a sunflower that makes everyone around it happy. It fills any room with joy and mirth. Place these sunflowers in a glass jar with its shoots to bring in the natural gorgeousness home and make a splendour statement of luxury.
  7. Orchids: Without the use of orchids any décor is incomplete. Orchids are the most beautiful flowers and of course my favourites J . You can creatively use orchids inside handmade vases from unused umbrellas, or old bottles. An interesting DIY idea is to make a vase out of cinnamon sticks. It is so simple and easy so why not do it yourself? Just use old cinnamon sticks which have lost the aromas and stick one onto another forming a circular vase kind of structure. Make a base with the covers of any old/unused book. Fill it with mud and place your colourful orchids in them. Doing this will surely take your guests and family members by surprise and I’m sure they’ll flood you with appreciations J

 So there were some interesting stylish tips on how flowers can be arranged with style and splendour, that’ll inspire us for a natural lifestyle.

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