Art · October 22, 2021 0

Skylight by INABA

INABA has designed Skylight, a permanent installation in the foyer of the New Concert Hall in Stavanger, Norway.



Skylight is a permanent installation for KORO Public Art Norway measuring 6.6 m (22 ft) diameter, 11.5 m (38 ft) long. It hangs from the foyer of the New Concert Hall in Stavanger, Norway and is visible from the adjacent public plaza, and surrounding neighborhood and harbor, serving as a light beacon for the complex. Responding to the region's extreme atmospheric conditions, Skylight emits a range of pure color light patterns that contrast the blended luminous tones of the dawn and twilight Nordic sky. Conceived of as an inverted chandelier, Skylight's light fixtures are mounted facing inward to illuminate the structure's interior surface. Its programmable LED system is animated to change in brightness and hue, and produces distinct patterns during arrival, theater calls, intermission, departure, and after hours.

Skylight is based on a simple cylinder. Areas along the cylinder's surface were removed to create views from the five-story high building interior to the city. The form was refined so that when the 6.5 tonne work is suspended from its two supporting pin connections its distributed weight causes the structure to rest at an inclined angle and align with the sun's angle of incidence during key times over the course of the year.

Generating the form from a basic object helped to manage costs within the prescribed budget. Having an unchanging cross section along the cylinder's length afforded cost savings for the cladding. It reduced the number of steps required to fabricate and shape parts, which in addition to being more economical, shortened overall production time. On the outside, 2.25 cm (1 in) square profile aluminum tubes were mounted to run parallel to the cylinder's axis. Applied to the object in this way, the tubes cover the surface without requiring them to be bent or cut at complex angles. Since the curvature of the surface is constant, it was possible to bend all of the interior aluminum panels to the same arc radius or curve, and as a result, it shaved time off the fabrication schedule. It also simplified the assembly connections by enabling the use of standardized details.

INABA was selected by KORO from a field of five invited international teams who participated in a competition for the commission. The New Concert Hall was designed by Oslo-based Ratio Arkitekter. It is located at the heart of Stavanger's planned arts district, positioned among several buildings dedicated to music performance and study.