I just love curtains you know. They are these gorgeous pieces of cloth that just transforms our rooms into beautiful fairytale land. They are so creative and interesting right. Have you ever stared at a dangling curtain for some time? The unwinding effect that it has is something I can’t tell you. If you haven’t, try it right now. I’m sure it’ll take away all your stress. But it is really an expensive idea to keep changing the curtains every few months. So here are some, Simple and affordable ideas/DIYs to jazz up boring old curtains. There are a few tips to keep in mind before you buy curtains or reuse the old ones.


What are the things to consider before buying new curtains?

  • First, decide if you need drapes or regular curtains? Drapes are perfect for kids room so that your baby sleeps undisturbed.

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  • Nevertheless, curtains has it’s own charm that makes a room appear more relaxed and informal.
  • Then decide what kinds of Pleats you want!
  • Today you have many varieties of Pleats like the Pencil Pleats, Eyelet Pleats, and Tab Top Pleats/loops.
  • After you have decided on all of these, you can finally start repurposing and DIYs.

Simple and affordable Ideas/ DIY to jazz up old curtains

#1. You can use Lace Curtains along with Drapes.

Simple and affordable ideas/DIYs to jazz up boring old curtains

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  • Adding decorative laces are a sure shot therapy to give a companion to your lonely drapes.
  • You can take contrasting color for the color of curtains and use it to hold the drapes in place or just tie them between the curtains and it’ll do the job. This will instantly enliven the room.
  • If you have white curtains use dark blue color laces or if you have green curtains use macaroon or parmesan colored laces.

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#2. Pairing with contrasting curtains:

Simple and affordable ideas/DIYs to jazz up boring old curtains

Image Source:housebeautiful.com

This is really simple. Just buy some curtains which are absolutely contrasted with the color of the original ones you have. Pairing actually does the trick of bringing out the other color more to the limelight.

  • Like if you have black curtains you may choose to pair them with white curtains with black embroidery on it or black curtains that look so dull and drab alone can spring up to life with hot pink or tiger or strawberry colors depending on the color of your walls.
  • Similarly, in a room with pink walls curtains in shades of chocolate or walnut curtains can be paired with magenta or orchid or amethyst like light shades of purple for an exceptionally classy look.

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#3. Twist to the silk curtains:

To give a quick twist to the shimmering silk curtains pair them along with simple white curtains cotton.

  • Long stretches of single colored silk curtains are simply very dull and boring. They might be interesting for the first few months but soon lose it luster. So chose to pair them up with ever perfect cotton ones.
Simple and affordable ideas/DIYs to jazz up boring old curtains

Image Source: aliexpress.com

  • You can also choose embroidered white or white with colorful polka dots on it. Using this out of the box trick will make the curtains look exceptionally elegant.
  • The whites shall perfectly complement your luxurious silk curtains and bring out the best of them.

#4. Ribbons:

Simple and affordable ideas/DIYs to jazz up boring old curtains

image source: pinterest.ca

  • A very popular trick being used today by many people is just hanging ribbons to the curtain rods in your choice of pattern.
  • They are really alluring and brighten up the mood of a dull room with their sprightly luster and buoyant happiness energy.

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#5. Unused handkerchiefs:

Simple and affordable ideas/DIYs to jazz up boring old curtains

Image Source: pinterest.com

  • Use up those old handkerchiefs to make a curtain for any space.
  • Cut them out into any shapes of your choice like circular or triangular or octagonal and stitch them all up together with a plain simple curtain.
  • This mix and match will add a splash of colors to a dull old curtain and embellish it for a brand new look.

#6. Towels:

Simple and affordable ideas/DIYs to jazz up boring old curtains

Image Source: thekitchn.com

  • Use up old towels to make kitchen towels. Kitchen towel is better if they are made of towel material. However, it is really difficult to buy of adequate size a kitchen curtain and if they are not of size the toil to size them up is really tedious.
  • So, save the time and energy and use old towels and attach rings to them and use them as curtains. Trust me it’ll look gorgeous.
  • If you still want to spice it up you can stitch to your towels olden day’s grandmother dollies. Sew them over the towel, or use any net designed tablecloth or something to sew over it. Give it a nice trim and lace it up with a bright color ribbon and there you have yourself a new and classic kitchen curtain that no one has ever seen.

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So try out these clever ways to brighten up your room and spice your curtains. Your family and friends will love it. And most importantly it so easy to do, people will be shocked by its look and never believe that it’s so inexpensive. Changing the curtains will make your rooms as good as new again. Try them and enjoy its enchanting effect. If you liked this post, then please share it. It’ll be really helpful for me if you share it on your facebook page. It’ll just make my day! 🙂

Thank you!

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