Art · October 21, 2021 0

Shhh The Hope Keeper by gt2P

studio gt2P (great things to People.) have designed a mural called Shhh The Hope Keeper.



This project reflects on the possibility of giving room for hope in our space through a mural where we can save our desires, secrets, plans, hiding written papers in the small cells that constitute it.

Its shape is inspired by small colonies of crustaceans (picorocos) found in Chilean Coasts which are attached to rocks or other sea animals. These marine pictures bring to mind the most beautiful memories of our childhood, beach days, those days where happiness and hope were infinite.

Its geometry aims to preserve the formal expression of the natural image with as few elements as possible, reflecting on how far the loss of resolution and rationalization of nature are able to resist the expression of their origin. It is organized as a regular tessellation of convex hexagons type 8, with 5 variable extrusions and openings. Variation depends on the proximity to the central axis of the piece. The closer to the axis, the greater the extrusion and opening.

Its material is gold anodized aluminum laser cut with precuts designed to be folded and assembled by hand. (digitally handcrafted)

It is our first project for Gallerie Gosserez in Paris and manufactured by Den Herder Production House.