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1. Separation โ€“ Legal Aid Ontario

This is called independent legal advice. Some lawyers may only charge you for reviewing the agreement. You should ask a lawyer if they offer unbundled services … read more

2. Crafting a Separation Agreement | Separation Agreement Roadmap

A separating couple can live separately and apart (be legally separated) without ever drafting or signing a separation agreement, and Canada has no law that … read more

3. 9 Tips on How to Write a Separation Agreement without a Lawyer

No, You do not need a lawyer for a Separation Agreement in Ontario. A separation agreement is valid as long as it is signed and witnessed by the parties. read more

4. Introduction to Ontario Separation Agreements: What to Know …

You do not need to have a lawyer draft your separation agreement. · A separation agreement is considered a legally binding contract if it is signed by both … read more

5. Separation Agreement Ontario – 6 Tips You Must Know !

You do not need a separation agreement to be legally separated or to Divorce in Ontario. There is no law in Canada compelling couples to enter into a separation … read more

6. Separation Process in Ontario | How to File for Separation

Find out how the separation process works in Ontario, and how a lawyer can guide you. Call Feldstein Family Law Group P.C. to discuss your separation. read more

7. Separation Agreement Template Ontario

Our lawyers would be happy to assist you with your separation agreement. Please contact us to schedule an appointment at: Phone: 289-624-1584 or Toll free: … read more

8. Separation agreements – FREE Legal Information | Legal Line

Can you get a divorce without a lawyer? … For more information about separation agreements in Ontario, refer to the Ministry of the Attorney General. read more

9. Legal Separation Agreement Ontario – 10 FREE NEED TO KNOWs

For separation in Ontario, you are NOT required by law to retain a lawyer and you are entitled to sit down and write your own homemade agreements. If you want, … read more

10. Family law services |

Mar 29, 2022 Set up and change spousal support when going through a separation or divorce. Child protection. Learn about going to court if you are involved … read more

11. Make a separation agreement | Family Law Flowcharts

You don't need a lawyer to make a separation agreement. But it's a good idea to get your own legal advice before signing one. For example, a lawyer can help … read more

12. Parenting time, decision-making responsibility and contact |…/parenting-time-decision-making-responsibility-and- contact

Mar 11, 2021 If your separation agreement or a court order gives you sole … do not give the parent without decision-making responsibility the right to … read more

13. What if Your Spouse Won’t Sign a Separation Agreement in Ontario … agreement-in-ontario/

Feb 2, 2023 An experienced lawyer can help you understand your rights and responsibilities when creating a separation agreement. While it may seem daunting, … read more

14. Spousal support |

Mar 31, 2021 A lawyer can help you determine the appropriate amount of support for your … Separation agreement to spousal support without going court. read more

15. Legal Separation Agreement Ontario – Filing For Divorce Without a …

You can get divorced without a lawyer, but if you feel uncertain about what is in your best interest their advice is always positive, whether you decide to … read more

16. File family court documents online |

Apr 23, 2018 Learn how to file family court documents online โ€“ without having to go to … register a domestic contract, such as a separation agreement, … read more

17. Separation Agreement Lawyer Ontario | Musson Law

Separation Agreement Lawyers Toronto, OntarioWithout an agreement, one person can come back practically at any time and claim that they were owed … read more

18. 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Draft Your Own Separation … -separation-agreement/

In Ontario, separation agreements are not mandatory but they can … Canadian courts have ruled that separation agreements without independent legal advice … read more

19. Separation Agreement in Ontario | Easy and Affordable | Divorce Office

There is no legal requirement to have a lawyer involved in the development of the separation agreement in Ontario. There are online packages, templates, … read more

20. Alternatives to Legal Separation in Texas | Texas Law Help

Jan 20, 2023 Texas does not have legal separation, so you need to protect your legal rights … and you should hire a lawyer to write this agreement. read more

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