Minimalism is a philosophy where you use simple furniture, effortless designs and easy décor themes to design a room that speaks a lot in just a few words. It is inspired by Japanese philosophy of Zen and Wing Chun where they use such simple design techniques is a way of life for effortlessness and simple suaveness. Japanese culture has a lot of exemplifications of such a minimalistic philosophy in their everyday lifestyles, culinary traditions and even poetry which says a lot without using volumes of words.Wing chug philosophy teaches that you should take total control of your life and do what you actually want to do like you are in the driver seat of your life and nobody else gets to control it. Haiku is the Japanese form of poetry which has short verses but speaks volumes on the subject. So taking inspiration from them let us think of ideas to design a room based in minimalistic theme.

design a room in minimalistic theme

So let us begin with some scintillating ideas to design a minimalistic themed room

  1. Minimalistic Simple furniture: We should use simple furniture preferably in pastel or earthy tomes for a simple effect in the room. Simple furniture has something about them that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable without being too gaudy and flashy.
  2. Space out the room: It is essential that we space out our furniture to keep the theme of the room minimal. Resist the temptation to fill every corner with furniture. Put just one couch and some side tables to break the monotony of the room. Spacing is essential for all rooms. If you have a small room you ought to keep it spacious. Even when you have a big room please don’t stack it with a lot of furniture. Keep it simple and space out your furniture.
  3. Minimalistic Pastel color walls: Use pastel color for painting walls. Pastel colors are muted tones which bring the pleasing and relaxing vibe to a room. A pastel wall melts down the ambiance of a room and makes it your perfect stress-free den. Read my blog on designing pastel color rooms.
  4. Minimal Frames: For a minimalistic room you have to rethink before putting up a lot of photo frames or posters. You certainly don’t have to keep blank walls, just space out your frames. Use innovative ideas like just frames or interesting DIYs for a simple yet stylish statement.
  5. Minimal Lighting: use interesting DIY lighting ideas for simple everyday bulbs or antique lamps. You can use architectural lamps or minimalist chandeliers for a classy and elegant look of the room.

So these were some simple and effortless ideas to design a room in minimalistic aesthetics. Minimalism doesn’t mean less of furniture or necessarily going low on luxury and sophistication. It is just a style where we try bringing in the simplicity that nature teaches us into our daily lives without compromising on aristocracy and affluence. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It teaches us that true beauty lies in our gorgeously flawed lives.

Happy designing!!

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