Some think that comparing one thing with another is less enjoyable. That is why we do not intend to start a fierce debate between the future and the past by comparing modern kitchen styles and old-fashioned style kitchens (rustic style). Both have advantages and disadvantages, both also have the lover (lovers) and hater (haters). Without provoking controversy and without directing to choose one between the two, today we will set aside the momentary trend to focus on lifelong value. Here we show some rustic kitchen design and modernize it, so it becomes a beautiful blend.

The kitchen is one place where people spend most of their time during the day. For lighting reasons, white is actually the right color to apply to this room. However, given the cooking process has the potential to make the room dirty, many people then hesitate to choose white as the main color for their kitchen space. Are you so?

If so, let’s see some kitchen designs nuanced white. Although synonymous with modern design, the kitchen is nuanced white should not merely modern style. Examples are as you can see in the pictures below. White became the dominant color in this rustic-style kitchen. Stay fit and make your kitchen more attractive.

Rustic White Kitchen with Wood Beam Ceiling
Rustic White Kitchen with Wood Beam Ceiling

With its ability to reflect light, white becomes the most appropriate color choice for a narrow kitchen space. With the bright effects created in white, the narrow space will instantly appear wider! Both natural lights come from the sun, or light coming from the light, white color always succeeds in reflecting and spreading it well. The kitchen was getting brighter and seemed cleaner and healthier.

How? Start sure choose the white color as the main color of your kitchen, is not it? Of all the pictures above, which kitchen is the most beautiful you think? Please choose your own.

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