A rose symbolizes perfection. It blooms from a thorny stem in cold winters into the perfect color which enchants everyone. Its velvety petals, its perfectly formed shape, and its sophisticated charm are such that even when it starts to turn auburn and dark purple while dying it amuses poets with its beauty and leaves them teary-eyed. Such is the beauty of red rose which is the way our universe teaches us sophistication and beauty. It teaches us to love and its true meaning. While you can never conquer love, love is the only thing which is able to conquer everything in this world!Rose centerpieces that celebrates your love

As Valentine’s Day is approaching soon on our calendars the need to understand and choose the correct rose for your valentine becomes all the more important. Because what is Valentine’s Day without some round, velvety, and sweetly fragrant, fresh roses? So this season decorate your living room or dining room with some interesting rose centerpieces that glamorize your rooms and celebrate your intimacy.


Rose centerpieces that celebrate your love

Red Roses:

Red roses are an emblem of love and beauty. It also signifies valor and courage. Use English red roses which are well formed for your centerpiece vase. You can use eucalyptus foliage along with these red roses. You can also add in some glorious hints of orchids in your rose vase, to help it look fuller. Use mason jars as vases. They are ordinary household items which make really good décor items. If you wish to spray paint some smaller shot glasses and dust some glitter on it. Now drop in it some small candles and let it beautify your dining table or center table. Place these around the centerpiece for a delicious charm.

Dark Red Naomi Roses:

A dark red rose symbolizes passion and deep intimacy which is present in our subconscious. When you gift a dark red rose to someone you say to the person with your flowers that you are my soul mate. I do not forget you even in my dreams. To help you celebrate your love red roses can be used as some charming and elegant centerpieces. For example use crystal candle stands for your centerpieces. Crystals look great with red roses and reflect your refractions of love. You can also use them with some foliage to accentuate your roses. A brilliant idea could be to use red roses with black or white feathers. Feathers are so romantic, isn’t it? You can also use diamond or jewel centerpieces for red roses. The color red refracts through the crystals and gems and gloriously shines in rainbow colors. You can use martini glasses for centerpieces. Stud them with gems and crystals, and put in rose petals and some flamboyant white lilies.

Deep Burgundy Roses:

Burgundy roses share close proximity to Naomi roses only thing is it is darker to a velvety blood red kind of hue. You can use burgundy red roses when you want to say to your partner that you admire and adore her beauty. And not only her beauty you adore the beauty of your relationship and how deep and perfect it is turning out to be with every passing day. Use burgundy roses in a bunch as that exude an illusionary charm. Use elegant black feathers to celebrate your love great Gatsby’s style. Use small masks to adorn your centerpiece jar or vase. Go for elegant looking crystal studded centerpieces for your burgundy roses to reign like a queen in the center of your table.

Peach Roses:

I love peach roses. I think peach roses are classy, elegant and so magnetic. I just get head over heels with its pastel hues, whenever I see one. A peach rose symbolizes a commitment. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day when you can decide to get committed to your partner and give yourself and her gift of a lifetime. Peach roses are shared by lovers when they want to seal the deal. So this year if you are planning to get committed to your partner assort some finest peach roses. Go for Tiffany and Juliet roses. Their unique shape and structure is intoxicating. You can also go for avalanche roses which are renowned for their well-formed perfect circles. For centerpieces use champagne bottles or wine bottles. You can use any such bottles and trim the thorns of the roses. Keep these long stemmed roses in your bottles and get committed under its delightful brilliance.

Coral Roses:

A coral rose symbolizes desire. It looks glorious and radiates desirous passion. Use coral roses to bring in a magical twist to your regular centerpieces. A coral rose looks inviting when you use them in the bud stage. Use bunch of coral rosebuds for your centerpiece. You can use elegant crystal vases for these roses. Or go for unusual glass vases which are small and draped with some designed ribbon. Keep the centerpiece small so that it doesn’t get in your way of talking with each other.

Orange Roses:

Orange roses are brilliant. Use modern orange roses or flame-colored roses. Go for the David Austin or commonly called English roses varieties. You can also go for avalanche roses. An orange rose symbolizes the vibrant and youthful stage of love filled with excitement, thrill, and electricity. It’s like the teenage phase in our life when we grow out of the fairy tale perfect romance but start believing in modern love stories, instantaneous attractions, the electricity, the spark, the magnetic attraction that gets on your nerves when you accidentally meet each other. I just love this phase of life. Whether you are in this phase of love or you are way past it, rekindle the burned out lamps of this innocent adolescent infatuation which we used to call “romance” back in our greens! It is never late to start reliving your life again like you are in that sweet sixteen phases once again. use orange roses for your rose centerpieces. Gift orange roses to your lover to show your enthusiasm and youthful vigor that should never burn down. Use orange roses with white feathers for your centerpieces. Place then in mason jars in rosebud stages or full bloom stage as you may please. Sprinkle orange rose petals around the centerpiece as a teenager does. Or pop in some burgundy roses with your orange bunch to show your partner that your love is always full of surprises and however much you guys mature your innocence shall never die.

Pink Roses:

Pink roses are a mascot of Thank you. If you simply just want to thank your partner for being there for you through thick and thin of life a pink rose is an ideal way to do so. Use pink roses to decorate your room. Pink roses are of all varieties. But there are two color differences. One is dark pink which expresses gladness and gratitude which light pink color symbolizes joy and adoration. You can, of course, use both of them or either one. They can be used in bud stages. A pink rosebud symbolizes ‘thank you’. Use pink roses with crystal centerpieces. Use a bronze or gold vase which glistens with royalty and celebrates your joy. Or use glitter to bring in a shiny centerpiece in your home. Pink color generally complements neutral whites, black, bronze and gold. Dark purple and royal blue go ideally with dark and light pink roses. Use your vases or ribbons of these colors to bring in balancing and aesthetically pleasing elegance to your centerpiece décor.

Lavender Roses:

A lavender rose signifies love at first sight. It emanates magnetism and electricity which is just correct words to describe your feeling when you fall in love with someone with just a gaze. There are an instant spark and connection like lightning. It’s as if a universal call for your love. You see that person and you know this is it. It doesn’t happen often but when it happens it is the best reason to celebrate. This year for Valentine’s Day bring back that magnetic and electric romance. Instantaneous love is unusual just like purple roses and when it happens it needs to be celebrated in a special way. If your romance had begun on such a note such presents or centerpieces are the perfect way to go back to those days and relive it. Our life partner is the gift of God who helps us complete our life. Use lavender roses in bouquets with white roses. White is a neutral color and pairs well with lavender or deep purple. White roses are wedding mascots and hence incorporating them into your décor reflects the perfect happily ever after message to your valentine. Use fish bowls for placing these velvety violet roses. Use complementing violet candles to bring in worth and elegance to your décor.

So these were some ideas of roses, their significance and how can you use them as a centerpiece. Surprise your valentine with these centerpieces. Make your bond stronger by celebrating a day solely dedicated to your most special relationship.

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