Room Décor Ideas in Fall Theme

Room decor ideas for fall season, is limitless! So finally the most awaited time of the year is here now. Autumn season is my favorite. I just love this season when the air gets pleasantly cooler, the Sun gets more loving to us and we start with smaller days and longer nights. Are you looking for Room decor ideas and inspirations for fall season? If yes, then read below for the best fall room decor ideas.

October is known for fall and festivals. There are so many festivals on our calendar in the month of October that how quickly the month passes away we have no idea of. From Durga Puja to Diwali to Halloween, this month is filled with festivals and it becomes so important that we keep our homes decorated appropriately for every celebration. The fall season is the most colorful season. Trees and plants around us also wear nice ochre colors and its time that we too take some inspirations from nature and redesign our space into a picturesque fall paradise.


Offbeat Room decor ideas and DIY’s using Autumn Colors for fall theme decor

#1. Maple love:

When I first think of autumn, the picture of maple leaves painting long boulevards in orange and ochre pops into my head. So to keep that emotion alive in our homes we can keep these gorgeous ochre leaves stored in glass jars. These jars can be placed on any tabletops or shelves along with other things. Keeping these gorgeous leaves in any space will quickly transform the area. You can use them in jars or even in vases along with other fall flowers and place them on long vases to create that dramatic effect with heights. Make sure that when designing rooms with fall plants remove the perennial green plants that you keep in your room and both the colours together will not allow anyone to make a strong statement of its own.

#2. Bring alive the fall:

Fall leaves are of myriad colours. To really bring in the essence of fall in your homes you can decorate fall leaves with lights and hang them up in any wall space or window tops or window sides. You wish to make a gorgeous makeshift drape for any of your windows and just randomly tie these up to the curtain holders and lighten it up. Since now we won’t require dark drapes for blackouts so placing them will allow the pleasant fall sunshine into our rooms.

#3. Candles:

Candles are the most common things we all have in our homes. Just place them in glass jars with fall leaves and it’ll speak for itself. Fall speaks of rustic so gather some fallen branches and place them in glass jars or along with the candles.

#4. Thankful shades:

Fall shades of yellow or red or orange instantly have a thankful vibe to it. So paint up your pots or vases in fiery shades. Use similar colour flowers to go with them.

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#5. Fall centrepieces:

There are many innovative centrepieces you may choose. You can use lamp shades or candle stands and fill them with fall leaves and place them all in a jute or wooden basket. You may also use pine cones and decorate them all together into a bouquet and use it as a centrepiece. Without the use of gorgeous orange pumpkins fall décor is just sketchy. So use pumpkins as vases or candle holders or pots or even wall hangings after painting them. They will never disappoint you and make your homes a perfect cabin in the fall.

#6. Paint it orange:

Orange and red are our primary colour when we use the fall theme for décor. So to complement this we can use neutral shades of white or off-white or queen blue or brown or wood shades. You may use cushions and curtains for Halloween or fall themes.

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#7, Fall wreath:

Finally without the fall wreath, fall décor is incomplete. So you may use wreath of grapevines or pumpkin vines or pine cones and hang them to make a bold statement.

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Hence, this was a list of Fall themed Room decor ideas. At the end, I would suggest that you may use any of these ideas or take inspiration from any of them and design your own fall paradise. Or just head out into nature and get inspired by any new décor ideas because anything original is a work of art and creativity and should be preferred over any ideas of others. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and tag that buddy who loves Autumn season.

Happy Decorating!! 🙂


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