A garden seems like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. It is our very own nirvana station. We all love gardens irrespective of our age group. It the best fit for everything from morning workouts to playing with pets and kids during the evening to evening dinner parties or even family picnics and gatherings.

In today’s world gardens seems like an only real touch we get to have with Mother Nature. Otherwise today everywhere we go is nothing but just a concrete jungle.Though it can be slightly intimidating and frustrating if you want to decorate this place. There is a variety of products available these days and honestly choosing and then decorating is a lot of hard work.

So save your time and check out this post. Be it you have a small garden or a big lawn you can easily use these simple tips to turn this space into a tranquil little hut full of beauty and serenity. Here are some unique garden tools and appliances to design any lawn.

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights

Modern technology has made everything easy.So is the case with lighting. Today you can forget archaic garden lamps. Time to rethink it. You would want to use rechargeable solar powered led bulbs. These lamps are auto censored. They recharge using renewable solar energy and light up automatically at sunset.These lamps are uber stylish.They are available in myriad shapes and colors that make every garden light up like its Christmas everyday.so never compromise on style and modernity. Place these lamps at strategic locations or use your creativity and follow off the beaten tracks.

Outdoor candles

Candles are the queen of designs. They make any space look beautifully illuminated filled with peace and love. You can use any candles and place them along walkways. You might also use old jars and place small candles on them and hang them up on branches. You can easily use numerous DIY techniques like terracotta candles or wooden logs used as candle stands or even beautifies birdcages and place them in your gardens. This will mesmerize your guests and grip their hearts.be it a barbeque night or your child’s victory party candles makes it up for both.it embellishes with style and grace adding a heady combination of both rustic and contemporary to your garden.


sculptures in gardens

Sculptures are experts in adding archaic beauty into any space, be it offices, bedrooms, libraries or even gardens. You can install any favorite structure of your choice in your garden.Peaceful statues of Ganesha or Buddha are so common these days. You can install them in ant place of your choice. These sculptures make a perfect eye candy catching the sun’s beauty at every hour of the day and glowing in its basking incandescence.


Garden fountains are the best things that anybody ever invented. The flowing and bubbling water of fountains have something in it that makes any person happy and relaxes them. And of course, there is no better music than the rustling of water. It’s so peaceful. You can use metallic fountains like the copper ones. They contribute a brilliant copper hue and shimmering glow to your garden. You may also use the small-sized fountains like tabletop ones and place it on any interesting structures in your garden.


You shouldn’t ignore these walkways. Without them, a garden seems disjointed and incomplete somehow. Walkways guide people to your lawns or yards and set the first tone of an impression on your guests. To con-temporize them you can use classic boxed hedges.you can also choose between gravel, brick pavers, flagstones, and concrete. All of these works marvelously and brings up everything together perfectly in a great garden.

Laying artificial turfs

Green up your courtyard with these artificial turfs. They are easily available and can be placed on sidewalks or below trees. They are easy to clean and save you from the tedious task of moaning the lawns. These turfs are a great way to even green up your backyards or balconies.

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