Easter is a day of new hope, new beginnings, and celebrations. This season surprise your family and friends with some curious and cute Easter DIYs. They are so easy to make and so much better than store bought décor items. However, some things are important when you are decorating a home for Easters. For example the use of bright colors.

Use bright green and yellow for your decors. Green and yellow are spring colors and brings in fresh spring vibes to your décor. Complement it with whites and blacks. Elevate the décor with DIY wall hangings and centerpieces. Give a personal touch to the décor with personal greetings and messages. Read on for more such creative and interesting DIY and design ideas for Easters.

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Easter DIY Ideas and designs

Easter DIY ideas and designs for your home

Colorful egg basket:

Easters is all about the frenzy of finding the hidden eggs. Get creative while painting up your eggs.

image credit: reaction.life

Use offbeat colors or paint it in the flag colors of different countries and keep them in mason jars to use as typical Easter tabletops.

image credit: lollyjane.com

Such jars can be placed in your living room along with a spring plant and a spring lamp.

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Bunny it up:

Easter is the time for making some adorable baby bunnies which bring in love and hope to our rooms. This season for Easters, make some unusual bunny babies with ropes or yarn.

Learn the tutorial from youtube

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Easter La la land:

image credit: homihomi.com

For your mantle, you can cut out bunny shaped papers and punch in holes to his ears. Once all the bunnies have got their ears punctured, pass a tinsel garland through it and hang it on your Mantle.

Easter Baskets:

image credit: markinternational.info

Use colorful baskets to store some eggs or colored stones. Use polka dots to paint your stones in vivid and vibrant shades. Now use some spring flowers and green leaves, to give fuller look to your baskets. Put tiny bunnies in the basket and bring in a sunny playfulness to your baskets.

These are edible baskets.

Learn the recipe from nuggetmarket.com

Door decorations:

You can put up Easter wreaths for your door. Easter wreaths can be made out of colorful yarns and adorned with spring greens and flowers.

buy this Easter Mesh Wreath with Bunny Butt from etsy

You can also show off your modern door decors with umbrellas. Use those long vintage umbrellas. Sprite it up with some big polka dots and hang it on your door.

image credit: pinterest.com

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Show off your spring flowers collection with some Lavender roses and bright fuschia carnations. Push in some delightful Asiatic while lilies or Peach Lily along with some spring greens and surprise your guests with a wonderful door decor.

you can shop this from etsy

Easter fever pots:

image credit: evolvingmotherhood.com

Give your pots at home a chance to revive and celebrate with you this Easter. Paint them up in bright colors of blue or yellow and stick to it some Easter greetings. Use them in your living room or on table tops. Give a dramatic height to your living room with pots. Place some pots at the corners to soften the edges with natural glow while place some on blank table tops beside your bookshelves or showcases.

A garland of eggs:

learn the tutorial from two straight lines: Good Egg

Cut out big eggs from colored papers. Now punch holes in it and pass a tinsel garland through the holes. Hang it around your window or on the door and say goodbye to regular wreaths.

Easter Chicks:

learn the tutorial from youtube

Make cute little chicks out of socks. You can make the legs of the chicks with wires and stick it to make the legs of your chick. An Easter chick looks adorable and pretty and could be used in baskets along with unusually colored eggs or in baskets with some greens.

Easter plates:

learn the tutorial here: acultivatednest.com

To brighten up your table décor for Easters, use pastel colored plates and stick to it bunny ears. Tie up bunny tails made out of pom-poms to your chairs to fill your dining room with fun, frolic, and laughter!

Easter greetings:

Finally, without some personal heartfelt cards and greetings, Easter is absolutely incomplete. So use Easter designed cards with some bunny tails stuck on it and place it on your dinner table. Write personal Easter greetings on cardboards and make it look a bit rustic and Easter like with some paper eggs and chicks, and stick it in your fridge.

image source: reverseconfetti.com

You can also use old cloth shopping bags. Now make a paste of glue and water in 3:1 proportion soak in a newspaper it. Now use that wet newspaper pieces and paste it into the cloth bag. Give it a day to dry out completely. Now when it dries out paint it up and write your Easter wishes and warm greetings on it. You can use this for blank walls and rejoice in the festive spirit.

Hence, these were some easy Easter DIY Crafts. Hope you find them useful.

Happy Easter!!!

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