Architecture · March 14, 2021 0

Patterned Security Screens Cover The Windows And Doors On This House In Portugal

Decorative screens are one way that an architect can add interest to a house when renovating it. As part of a house renovation undertaken by Joao Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos, they decided to cover the rear of the home in white screens with a decorative pattern.

Sliding patterned screens provide shade, security, and a decorative element to this house.

The series of sliding screens on both the ground floor and upper floor resemble patterns often found on traditional Portuguese tiles.

Sliding screens with a decorative pattern open this house to the backyard.

Apart from being decorative, the screens also allow sunlight to filter into the home, and also provide additional security.

Sliding patterned screens add a decorative element to this house, as well act as a sunlight filter and a security screen
Photography by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG | Architect: Joao Tiago Aguiar Arquitectos | Collaboration: Renata Vieira, Ana Caracol, Ruben Mateus, João Nery Morais, André Barreiros Silva | Construction: Manuel Goncalves and Marques LDA