Lamps make our rooms look elegant. You take any room and put in it interesting lamps, and bam! Your room transforms itself into an aristocratic little hut. So, let’s discuss about some of the unique and Novel  DIY Lampshades and cool lamp ideas/designs to bring in some precious light in your home!! Since Christmas is coming close so you might also like to read my other popular article on Outdoor Christmas lighting ideas.

Novel DIY Lampshades

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Placing lamps in any empty spaces fills the place with beauty and grace. Today we have so many varieties of lamps available in stores.

Bringing them homes sometimes seems like an expensive thought and hence we think it is right to delay it.

But don’t worry beauty and happiness isn’t limited to expensive articles. You can easily give your mood a treat by making some interesting and unconventional DIY Lampshade from scratch.

Interesting DIY Lampshade Ideas to give a new look to your home

So try these interesting DIY Lampshade Makeover ideas on your very own homemade lamps and lampshades to add grace and beauty in your homes.

Moreover, when you’ll look at these lamps when done it’ll fill you with joy and admiration for yourself and who doesn’t want that. Your guest would just want to pat on your back and applaud you after seeing these breathtaking lamp designs. So with that inspiration let’s learn how to update a Lampshade.

#1. You can use old newspaper to give your Lampshades a makeover:

Here is a unique newspaper craft idea that shall help you repurpose old lamp shades. Simply cut these newspapers out and place them randomly on your lamp shades. When you will put on the light this lamps will take away your breath.

Learn how to make newspaper lamp from Stow and Tellu

#2. You can make a String Lampshade DIY:

An interesting idea for lampshades is to make a string lampshade. This too is easy.

Stick strings on a balloon, after you’ve applied glue on it. Allow it to dry overnight.

Now, pop up the balloon, and after a day, the the strings will take the shape of balloon. You can paint it if you wish to. Now put in a bulb in it and put on the electricity.

Learn the Tutorials here:

 #3. You can also do a Button Lampshade DIY

Use simple unused and broken buttons and place them on a string and stick them or tie them to lampshades and you’ll have your very own button lampshade

Learn the Tutorials here:

#4. You can make a Cutlery Lampshade:

Use up old cutlery sets and stick them to your lamps to design a lamp perfect for your dining room decoration.

This Silverware Lampshade Design is also an ideal example of Minimalist Lamp Design.

Learn the tutorials:

#5. You can make an Instagram Lampshade

Photoshop your Instagram photos to a small size and get them printed. Now simply paste them on your lampshade and flaunt your photos like nobody else.

Learn tutorials at :

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Just the way you used old cutleries you can practically use any unused articles at home and turn them into a showpiece for your lamps. Like use old plastic flowers cut the ends and stick them onto your shades. Or just cut out flower shades paper and stick it. Or you may even paint up crawling leaves and stick it on lampshades.

#6. You can spray paint and make a pretty Lampshade design

Learn how to make this DIY Lampshade Design from Lowe’s

Get some spray paint and paint up your lampshades and lamps stand with shiny bright colors and sprinkle sparkles on it. (if you want) When the light will glow these will look like starts on earth beside you.

So follow these interesting ideas and mix it with your personal creative designs and design the best lampshades for yourselves. It’ll surely uplift you and your home’s mood.

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Happy decorating 🙂

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