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1. 17 Best Side Hustles for Lawyers and Attorneys – Vital Dollar

Mar 9, 2023 The Best Side Hustles for Lawyers and Attorneys · 1. Legal Work on the Side · 2. Answer Legal Questions · 3. Consulting · 4. Sell Legal Forms or … read more

2. This full-time lawyer also has 13 side hustles. Here’s what he’s …

Feb 27, 2019 Plus, a little-known side hustle he recommends. Caring for dogs is one of Kevin Ha's favorite side hustles. Courtesy … read more

3. 21 Best Side Hustles for Lawyers: How Attorneys Can Make Extra …

Feb 14, 2023 21 Realistic Side Hustles for Lawyers: How Attorneys Can Make Extra Money · 1. Freelance Legal Work · 2. Become an Adjunct Law Professor · 3. Bar … read more

4. 16 Effective Side Hustles for Lawyers To Maximize Their Income …

May 15, 2023 Side hustles for lawyers · 10. Create ebooks or audiobooks · 9. Legal writing · 8. Become a public speaker · 7. Be a business or life coach · 6. read more

5. 27 Side Hustles For Lawyers That PAY WELL! [2023 Update …

A transcriptionist converts audio files and videos into texts, an amazing way to monetize your listening skills, and it could be one of the best side hustles … read more

6. Side hustles for lawyers? : r/LawFirm

Side hustles for lawyers?
by u/MetsGo in LawFirm

Mar 11, 2022 Upwork for legal blog content. Fiverr for the same. General educational videos if you start a YouTube channel or something like that (Patreon if … read more

7. Side Hustles for Lawyers | Airtasker US

The ultimate list of side hustles for lawyers ; 1. Take up legal writing jobs · 2. Try grant writing · 3. Offer freelance notary services ; 4. Do transcription · 5. read more

8. 14 Best Side Hustles For Lawyers (Ultimate 2023 Guide)

5. Work as a Professor · 6. Deliver Food with Doordash · 7. Deliver Groceries with Instacart · 8. Make Money Pet Sitting · 9. Start a Blog · 10. Take Surveys · 11. read more

9. Side Hustle for Lawyers | Should Lawyers Consider the Benefits?

Aug 5, 2022 The side hustle could be a career path that supplements the practice of law, enhances the lawyer's mental well-being, and ensures that the … read more

10. 12 Side Jobs for Lawyers (Plus Salaries and Duties) |…/side-jobs-for-lawyers

Mar 16, 2023 12 side jobs for lawyers · 1. Security guard · 2. Blogger · 3. Notary public · 4. Photographer · 5. Tax preparer · 6. Graphic designer · 7. Social … read more

11. The Laziest Side Hustles for Lawyers – FindLaw…/the-laziest-side-hustles-for-lawyers/

May 3, 2019 The Laziest Side Hustles for Lawyers · Rent Out Empty Conference Rooms by the Hour · Rent Your Car by the Hour While You Work · Sell Plasma · Sell … read more

12. 12 Side Hustles for Lawyers That Pay Very Well

Sep 25, 2022 12 Best Side Hustles for Lawyers that Pay Very Well · 1. Sell a Niche Legal Course · 2. Freelance Legal Writing · 3. Conduct Test Prep Courses · 4. read more

13. Lawyers with side-hustles: Ivan Guevara, lawyer and professional ……/lawyers-with-side-hustles-ivan-guevara-lawyer- and-professional-pianist/

Lawyers with side-hustles: Obelisk Support recently caught up with Ivan Guevara, a senior corporate and commercial lawyer with a side career as a … read more

14. Side Hustles Listicle for Lawyers

Jul 28, 2021 Top 5 Side Hustles for Lawyers to Adopt · Freelance writing · Writing an eBook · Legal counseling · Teaching online courses · Public speaking · Side … read more

15. Writing as a Side Hustle | Lawyers Who Made Publishing a Second … made-publishing-secondary-income/

Sep 29, 2021 Lots of lawyers dream of writing as a side hustle. From business to fiction writing, there's more than one way to make it work. read more

16. You Won’t Believe These Side Hustles For Lawyers…/10100656_you-wont-believe-these-side- hustles-for-lawyers.html

Oct 21, 2022 One simple option that could work well for attorneys in any specialty is charging for LSAT or Bar Exam test prep. With this, you would support … read more

17. Lawyers with a side-hustle: Carolyn Swain, lawyer and artist ……/lawyers-with-side-hustles-carolyn-swain-lawyer -and-artist/

Obelisk Support recently caught up with Carolyn Swain, a senior lawyer who is currently on sabbatical undertaking a Fine Arts (BA) Hons degree course side-h … read more

18. These lawyers balance full-time practices with a side hustle that pays…/side_hustle_lawyers_side_projects

May 1, 2018 The ABA Journal is read by half of the nation's 1 million lawyers every month. It covers the trends, people and finances of the legal … read more

19. Hobby, Passion, Side Hustle? Finding Creative Ways to Improve …

Join our panel of successful lawyers who have navigated their passion, reduced their stress, and found a greater sense of well-being through their business … read more

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