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1. Paul Alexander (polio survivor) – Wikipedia

Paul Richard Alexander (born 1946) is an American lawyer from Dallas and paralytic polio survivor. He is notably one of the last people living in an iron … read more

2. Dallas Attorney, 72, Who Survived Polio Lives in Iron Lung

Jun 11, 2018 Paul Alexander has spent much of his life in a can, a childhood victim of a once-epidemic disease. By Associated Press. |. read more

3. This lawyer is one of the last people alive who still uses an iron lung …

Nov 23, 2017 Polio survivor Paul Alexander has been using an iron lung for 65 years. He went to law school in it. And now he's writing a memoir about it. read more

4. The man in the iron lung | Polio | The Guardian

May 26, 2020 The long read: When he was six, Paul Alexander contracted polio and was … For decades, Paul was a lawyer in Dallas and Fort Worth, … read more

5. Holtzman Vogel Litigation and Political Attorney, Dennis Polio

Dennis W. Polio is Of Counsel with Holtzman Vogel, where he leverages his extensive practical experience in politics, nonprofits, and government to provide … read more

6. Illinois Polio Vaccine Injury Lawyer | Polio Shot Side Effects U.S.

United States Lawyers for Polio Shot Injury Compensation. Wyoming polio injection injuries lawyers. IPV Vaccine Injury Claim Attorneys Serving Clients in … read more

7. Michael Polio, Lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky | Justia

Louisville, Kentucky attorney Michael Polio. Research legal experience, professional associations and jurisdictions on Justia. read more

8. Polio Vaccine Injury Lawyer, Laws, & Compensation | My Vaccine …

If you have suffered an injury from the polio vaccine, our team of experienced attorneys at My Vaccine Lawyer can help you get compensation through the … read more

9. Polio Vaccine Injury Lawyers and Attorneys

Polio is a disabling and potentially fatal infectious disease caused by the poliovirus. There is no cure, but there are safe and effective vaccines. read more

10. Watch The Polio Crusade | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

Dec 7, 2022 The victims found an unlikely champion in New York lawyer Basil O'Connor. His innovative public relations campaign transformed polio — a … read more

11. David S. Caplan, Esq.…/caplan_d/

Jun 1, 2009 The ABA Lawyer Spotlight is a feature that highlights an attorney with a disability who … David S. Caplan, Esq. contracted polio at age 2. read more

12. Lawyer in Kerala carries polio-hit client on shoulders to first-floor ……/lawyer…polio…/96978837.cms

Jan 14, 2023 The stunning video of the 40-year-old Rayin hoisting Sajeevan, 60, on his shoulders and climbing down the stairs of the court at Ettumanoor on … read more

13. Southern District of New York | Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges 46 ……/manhattan-us-attorney-charges-46-leaders- members-and-associates-several-organized-crime

Aug 4, 2016 At various times relevant to the Indictment, PARRELLO, MERLINO, RALPH BALSAMO, CAMACHO, DEVITO, MICHAEL POLI, a/k/a “Mike Polio,” CARMINE GALLO, … read more

14. Does Post-polio Syndrome qualify for SS Disability Benefits?

Author Attorney Greg Reed: Post-polio Syndrome is a complex medical condition which may impact an individual's employment as well as their personal life. If you … read more

15. Dallas lawyer has lived most of his life in an iron lung…of…/487457991/

Jul 5, 2018 Then, some would ask: What's polio? No one makes iron lungs anymore. Barely a handful of people still use the hulking respirators. He's … read more

16. Paul Alexander: A Successful Lawyer And One Of The Last Iron … the-last-iron-lung-users-64739

Aug 5, 2022 In hospital – which itself was feeling the strain of too many polio patients to handle – he and his family were informed that nothing could be … read more

17. Polio Victim’s 30-Year Crusade Garners $22.5 Million Award | Law …

Apr 2, 2009 Tenuto's lead trial counsel, Benedict Morelli, finished summations, Lederle offered $10 million to settle. Mr. Tenuto's lawyers, who had … read more

18. Government blames polio vaccine boycott … – The New Humanitarian…/nigeria-government-blames-polio- vaccine-boycott-pfizer-trials

Jun 7, 2007 “The 2005-2006 rejection of polio vaccines by citizens of Kano State is a direct consequence of the 1996 actions [of Pfizer],” State Attorney– … read more

19. Samuel Polio, PhD | Choate Hall & Stewart LLP

Samuel Polio uses his deep expertise and skills as a trained scientist to help directly translate discoveries into real-world applications to provide … read more

20. Polio and Social Security Disability | Disability Benefits Center…/polio

It is believed that those who suffered from severe polio symptoms … of Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney While suffering from polio-related … read more

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