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1. Filter turns lawyer into cat during Zoom hearing – YouTube

Feb 9, 2021 A Zoom court hearing in Texas took a detour when an attorney showed up looking like a kitten. That's because of a Zoom filter that had been … read more

2. ‘I’m Not a Cat,’ Says Lawyer Having Zoom Filter Difficulties – The …

May 6, 2021 But here was Rod Ponton, a county attorney in Presidio County, Texas, unable to figure out how to turn off the cat filter on his Zoom call … read more

3. ‘I’m not a cat’: lawyer gets stuck on Zoom kitten filter during court …

Feb 9, 2021 A lawyer showed up to virtual court in the 394th district of Texas with a kitten filter turned on, the cat moving its lips and eyes, … read more

4. That cat Zoom filter is almost impossible to find. Here’s why | CNN …

Feb 10, 2021 When attorney Rod Ponton showed up for a virtual court hearing over Zoom on Tuesday, he quickly realized something was wrong. read more

5. Lawyer uses Zoom filter by mistake – ‘I’m not a cat’ – BBC News …

Feb 10, 2021 A lawyer appearing before a judge at a virtual court case via Zoom appeared on screen as a cat – after not realising a filter was switched … read more

6. Texas lawyer, trapped by cat filter on Zoom call, informs judge he is …

Feb 9, 2021 The filter, which displayed a kitten instead of Ponton's face, was able to capture the lawyer's horror and confusion, its eyes flitting across … read more

7. Lawyer Accidentally Uses Zoom Cat Filter During Virtual Court …

Feb 9, 2021 A lawyer accidentally used a cat-themed video filter during a virtual court session in the 394th district of Texas. read more

8. Lawyer tells judge ‘I’m not a cat’ after a Zoom filter mishap in virtual …

Feb 10, 2021 Ferguson of the 394th Judicial District Court in Texas kindly addressed the cat in the virtual room, suggesting that attorney Rod Ponton adjust … read more

9. Zoom Cat Lawyer – Wikipedia

The video features an attorney named Rod Ponton, who is struggling to disable a cat filter that shows a white kitten mask over his face, making it appear as … read more

10. Lawyer gets stuck with cat filter during virtual court case – BBC News

Texas lawyer Rod Ponton was left flummoxed when he discovered his face was appearing as a cat during a court session on Zoom. read more

11. How to turn on — and off! — a Zoom cat filter

Feb 10, 2021 A Texas attorney made headlines when he showed up for a virtual court hearing using a filter that transformed his face into a very sad kitten. “ … read more

12. Cat Zoom: Lawyer Rod Ponton surprised to become internet star …

Feb 10, 2021 Cat Zoom: Lawyer Rod Ponton surprised to become internet star · A Texas lawyer whose mishap with a cat filter on Zoom has made him an internet … read more

13. Meet ‘cat lawyer’ Rod Ponton who went viral after Zoom filter mishap…/meet-cat-lawyer-rod-ponton-who-went-viral-after- zoom-t208597

Feb 10, 2021 "I got as big a laugh out of it as everybody else," attorney Rod Ponton said. read more

14. ‘Stunned’: Internet in Stitches at Cat’s Reaction to Feline Face Filter 1696330

Apr 8, 2022 A cat's reaction to its owner using a catface filter has left the … use of a cat filter, last year one lawyer was left red-faced after … read more

15. A lawyer using Zoom had to let a judge know that he wasn’t a cat …

Feb 9, 2021 A lawyer in Texas became a viral sensation on Tuesday after accidentally activating a cat filter during a court hearing over Zoom. 567. read more

16. Talking Tech: Zoom cat filter during legal hearing leads to laughs…cat-filter…/6741450002/

Feb 13, 2021 Talking Tech: A lawyer's feline face filter during a Zoom court appearance leads to laughter … A lawyer's Zoom filter faux pas led to a lot of … read more

17. “I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap “I …

Feb 9, 2021 “I'm here live, I'm not a cat,” says lawyer after Zoom filter mishap “I can see that,” … “everybody's face is supposed to pop up on Zoom. read more

18. Lawyer shows up in Zoom court with face filter on and has to assure …

Feb 9, 2021 Ponton acknowledges to the judge that's he's aware of the issue, yet neither he nor his assistant can figure out how to turn the cat filter off. read more

19. Lawyer Accidentally Logs Into Court With Zoom Filter Turning Him …

Cat Injunction. Texas lawyer Rod Ponton learned a very important lesson on Tuesday after accidentally joining a live court session with a Zoom filter on that … read more

20. Lawyer Gets Stuck In Zoom Cat Filter, Says ‘I’m Not A Cat’ To Judge ……/texas-lawyer-zoom-cat-filter-court-proceeding -533953.html

Feb 10, 2021 … into the official Zoom call with cat filter enabled on his face. Worse, the attorney couldn't find a way to disable the Zoom cat filter, … read more

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