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1. How To Go to Law School With a Biology Degree (And Careers …

Jun 24, 2022 Biology majors may be good candidates for this branch of law because of their knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. When presenting a case … read more

2. How to be a lawyer with a biology background – Quora

If you already have a degree in biology, you can apply for the three year LLB degree, which in most colleges is based on merit only. The five year law … read more

3. Applying to law school with a science major : r/LawSchool

Applying to law school with a science major
by in LawSchool

Aug 1, 2016 I was just wondering if my chances to get into law school will be hurt or helped by my biology undergrad degree. I either want to go into … read more

4. Can I go to law school when I finish 4 years in Biology? – Quora

There is no particular subject you have to major in as an undergraduate. Law schools admit applicants from all undergraduate majors. The only additional thing … read more

5. What Is Biotechnology Law? How To Become A Biotechnology Lawyer

any technological process that utilizes living organisms, biological systems, or their components,; to create or modify processes or products for a particular … read more

6. What is the best law school major?

Majoring in a “hard science” such as Chemistry or Biology (especially if you have a high GPA) can be impressive to law schools and adds some diversity. If you … read more

7. Q&A with Michael Burns ’98 Biology Major Turned Lawyer | Wabash …

May 18, 2022 “My path as a biology major turned law student at the 11th hour of my Wabash career was scary at the time, but turned out to be one of the … read more

8. From bench to bar: careers in patent law for molecular biologists …

Possession of a bachelor's degree in molecular biology, biology, or biochemistry (among many other fields), will suffice (see General Requirements Bulletin … read more

9. Careers in Law and Science

Oct 24, 2019 The Marriage of Law and Science Degrees. Job opportunities, for individuals with both legal and scientific backgrounds, include work as a … read more

10. Law | BioSci Careers | Stanford Medicine

To work as a patent lawyer on a life-sciences team, a JD is required. Patent law includes responsibilities such as drafting and filing patent applications, … read more

11. Law with Biology Degree – The Student Room

Law and Biology could be a very good joint degree if you want to be a Medical Lawyer (which does not require a degree in Medicine, just in Law), … read more

12. Advice for Law School Applicants With STEM Backgrounds…/law…/advice-for-law-school-applicants-with-stem -backgrounds

Feb 14, 2022 Law schools appreciate applicants from science and technology fields. … Recommendation letters from professors, major research papers and … read more

13. New Technology Sends Law Firms Recruiting Scientists to Be ……/new-technology-sends-law-firms-recruiting- scientists-to-be-partners.html

Mar 22, 1991 At a growing number of law firms, a doctorate in biology is becoming as indispensable as a law degree. Driven by the scientific complexity … read more

14. 10 Best Degrees for Getting into Law School

As an aspiring lawyer, your undergraduate years will be spent preparing you for acceptance into an excellent graduate law program. Leading law schools have … read more

15. How to Become an Environmental Lawyer |

Environmental laws regulate and define the activities of humans upon the geological and biological systems that are affected by contact. read more

16. Center for Law and the Biosciences – Programs and Centers …

Our alumni currently hold leadership positions within biotech companies, federal and state agencies, the White House, major corporations, law firms with … read more

17. Meet the Staff

She holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Northern Arizona University and a law degree from the University of Montana. read more

18. Law and Bioengineering – Joint Degree and Cooperative Programs ……/degrees/joint-degrees…/law-and-bioengineering/

JD/MS, JD/PhD Encompassing stem cells, synthetic biology, microchips implanted into the brain, artificial hearts, man-made retinas, and much more, bio. read more

19. Master of Science in Law: Life Sciences (MSLL) – Suffolk University…clinics/master-of-science-in-law-life-sciences

The Master of Science in Law: Life Sciences (MSLL) degree offers expert training for one … Regulatory compliance law; Clinical research; Molecular biology. read more

20. Jolene S. Fernandes | People | Foley & Lardner LLP

Dr. Fernandes earned her law degree from the University of California, … She earned her Ph.D. in biology, with a specialty in molecular biology and … read more

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