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1. ADHD 101 | JDHD | For Lawyers with ADHD

Nov 7, 2019 We're going to talk about attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Understanding ADHD in Lawyers. ADHD is a common, … read more

2. Lawyer with ADHD? Here’s How You Can Succeed at Work

Nov 6, 2017 Being a lawyer is tough. Being a lawyer with ADHD? Even tougher. Here, an ADHD coach gives an attorney tips on managing his challenges … read more

3. ADHD as a Gift in the Legal Profession [Guest Post] – Lawyers …

Oct 29, 2021 12.5% of lawyers reported having ADHD in the landmark 2016 study on lawyer well-being from the ABA and partners, compared to 4-8% of adults … read more

4. Lawyers With ADHD: Real-Life Stories at Work

Jan 5, 2018 One lawyer reveals how ADHD symptoms sabotaged his job performance, and how a diagnosis and treatment eventually helped him reclaim his … read more

5. Living With ADHD As A Lawyer With Annie Little

Jun 13, 2022 In an ABA study done about lawyers and mental health, 12.5% of lawyers reported having ADHD. But since the rate of lawyers having ADHD is 3x as … read more

6. Lawyers with ADHD: The Astonishing Number We Are Ignoring …

Jun 11, 2018 The research results reveal mental health problems for lawyers at significantly higher rates than the general population, with 61% reporting … read more

7. 3 Sure-Fire Strategies to be a Successful Lawyer with ADHD …

Apr 15, 2019 Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that includes a combination of persistent problems, such as … read more

8. Lawyer with ADHD Tackles His Tasks | Case Study | Grist

Mar 15, 2023 Neurodivergent lawyer leans into Grist's flexible spreadsheets to help him tackle productivity challenges ADHD brings to his work and home. read more

9. The ADHD Lawyer (@theadhdlawyer) • Instagram photos and videos

3099 Followers, 948 Following, 300 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from ADHD – The ADHD Lawyer (@theadhdlawyer) read more


Oct 28, 2020 Most lawyers with ADHD are undiagnosed, so they do not associate these feelings with the disorder. Many successful attorneys often see … read more

11. Lawyers with ADHD: Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the Legal …

Apr 21, 2022 In a 2016 study, 12.5% of lawyers reported having ADHD compared to an estimated 4.4% of adults generally—nearly three times as many! read more

12. Lawyers with ADD | A Problem or an Advantage? — Attorney at Work

Oct 13, 2021 Lawyers with ADD/ADHD are often more sensitive to distractions. You can reduce distractions by closing your door when you need to focus on work, … read more

13. ADHD in Law and Medicine

Mar 3, 2021 Surely, being a successful lawyer working in a Magic Circle law firm like Allen & Overy precluded me from having ADHD. Besides, ADHD wasn't a “ … read more

14. ADHD & Neurological Conditions – NYSBA…

ADHD in the Real Life of a Lawyer: An Interview with Anna Levine, Esq. Lawyers with ADD: Problem or Advantage · Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity … read more

15. JDHD | A Podcast for Lawyers with ADHD on Apple Podcasts…lawyers-with-adhd/id1490336759

JDHD is the podcast for lawyers with ADHD (whether they know they have it or not). Hosted by Marshall Lichty—a lawyer, consultant, coach, and author with … read more

16. ADHD Lawyers? : r/Lawyertalk

ADHD Lawyers?
by u/tigersaintsparty in Lawyertalk

Jan 10, 2022 Any other lawyers with inattentive type ADHD? … important details that a lawyer has to keep in mind, and adhd certainly doesn't help it. read more

17. Florida Social Security Benefits for ADHD Lawyer security-benefits/

Feb 24, 2015 Florida residents diagnosed with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, are in restless pursuit of learning how to manage life due … read more

18. How does a lawyer with ADHD practice law successfully? – Quora successfully

While there were exceptions, on the whole treatment was effective and attorney-patients were able to succeed about as well as the non-ADHD lawyers they … read more

19. Improving The Well-Being Of Lawyers With ADHD The Pennsylvania ……Lawyers…ADHD/…/article.html

Oct 26, 2018 Amanda is a lawyer with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Amanda is not alone. The landmark American Bar Association … read more

20. Flashing Lights and Guiding Lights – Lawyers and ADHD…/flashing-lights-and-guiding-lights—lawyers-and- adhd/

Mar 15, 2021 In the 2016 American Bar Association (ABA)/Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation study of lawyer well-being in the U.S. legal profession, about 12.5% … read more

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