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1. Georgia Supreme Court overturns prominent Atlanta attorney’s …

Jun 30, 2022 Georgia Supreme Court overturns prominent Atlanta attorney's murder conviction in wife's killing … From left: Claud "Tex" … read more

2. Fred Tokars, Atlanta lawyer who arranged murder of his wife, dies in …–law/fred-tokars-lawyer-who-set-murder-his-wife-dead/RZ0wVVjemrUPMQKaF8ntdK/

May 13, 2020 Fred Tokars, the Atlanta lawyer who masterminded the murder of his wife, Sara, in 1992 has died in prison. Tokars had been a marked man … read more

3. Alex Murdaugh murder charges: Disgraced attorney indicted in …

Jul 14, 2022 Murdaugh murders: What to know about Alex Murdaugh and related investigations. The mysterious killings of a prominent lawyer's wife and son have … read more

4. Tex McIver case: Murder conviction overturned for once-prominent …

Jul 1, 2022 Georgia's highest court on Thursday threw out a murder conviction for a once-prominent Atlanta attorney who fatally shot his wife as they … read more

5. Man who shot his wife in SUV wants murder conviction tossed

Jan 18, 2022 Lawyers for Claud “Tex” McIver, a 79-year-old man convicted of murder for fatally shooting his wife as they rode in an SUV in Atlanta, … read more

6. Atlanta lawyer imprisoned in wife’s 1992 murder dies at 67 | AP News

May 14, 2020 Fred Tokars, 67, died of natural causes over the weekend while incarcerated in Pennsylvania, his attorney, Jerry Froelich, confirmed to news … read more

7. Tex McIver: Georgia Supreme Court overturns Atlanta lawyer’s …

Jun 30, 2022 The Georgia Supreme Court overturned the murder conviction for Tex McIver, a former Atlanta lawyer sentenced to life in the shooting death of … read more

8. Alex Murdaugh denies killing his wife and son — but admits he lied …

Feb 23, 2023 But Murdaugh, the prominent South Carolina lawyer accused of carrying out an execution-style killing of his wife and son in June of 2021, … read more

9. Georgia Supreme Court overturns Tex McIver’s murder conviction in …

Jun 30, 2022 Tex McIver reindicted on murder charges in the shooting death of his wife The prominent Atlanta attorney plead guilty to the charge again. read more

10. Atlanta Lawyer Found Guilty of Arranging His Wife’s Murder – The …

Apr 10, 1994 Tokars, 40, still faces a state murder charge in Cobb County, Ga., where prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty. His wife, Sara, … read more

11. Ga. Attorney Who Arranged 1992 Murder of Wife in Front of Their 2 ……/fred-tokars-mastermind-killing-wife-1992-dies-prison/

May 15, 2020 According to authorities, Tokars hired a hitman to kill his wife on Thanksgiving weekend in 1992. The hitman, Curtis Rower, kidnapped Sara … read more

12. ‘What did you do?’ wife said after she was allegedly shot by her ……/story?…

Mar 19, 2018 After prominent Atlanta attorney Claud "Tex" McIver allegedly shot his wife, Diane, while in a car driven by their friend, Diane McIver … read more

13. Georgia man accused of killing wife’s divorce lawyer and setting ……/georgia-man-accused-killing-wifes-divorce- lawyer

Dec 11, 2022 Police in the community of Lawrenceville allege that Allen Tayeh went to the office of a lawyer representing a woman in the process of divorcing … read more

14. Fred Tokars, Atlanta lawyer who hired hitman to murder wife in 1992 ……/Fred-Tokars-Atlanta-lawyer-hired-hitman- murder-wife-1992-dies-prison-aged-67.html

May 14, 2020 Fred Tokars, the Atlanta lawyer who hired a hitman to murder his wife in front of their two young sons in 1992, dies in prison aged 67. read more

15. Georgia man charged with killing ex-wife’s divorce lawyer, then ……/georgia-man-charged-with-killing-ex-wifes-divorce- lawyer-then-torching-office/

Dec 11, 2022 Georgia man Allen Tayeh is accused of murdering his wife's divorce attorney Doug Lewis and then setting his office on fire. Gwinnett Sheriff. read more

16. Hunt for Sullivan’s riches goes on 28 years after he had wife killed…/985009007/

Jun 7, 2015 Finally charged with his wife's murder in 1998, he fled to Costa … Had Moores and Atlanta attorney David Boone not pursued Sullivan in … read more

17. Atlanta lawyer shot, killed his prominent businesswoman wife ……/atlanta-lawyer-fatally-shot-wife-accidentally -family-article-1.2813344

Sep 30, 2016 A top Atlanta lawyer accidentally fired the shot that killed his wife when their car hit a bump in the road, according to the family. read more

18. Prosecutors say Alex Murdaugh killed wife and son to ‘escape ……/prosecutors-say-alex-murdaugh-killed-wife-son -escape-accountability-fi-rcna61049

Dec 9, 2022 Alex Murdaugh, a prominent South Carolina personal injury attorney, was so desperate to "escape the accountability" for a string of … read more

19. Fulton DA files motion to retry Claud ‘Tex’ McIver in wife’s 2016 death…/fulton-da-files-motion-retry-claud-tex- mciver-wifes-2016-death/

Jul 22, 2022 Diane McIver was shot and killed on Sept. 25, 2016. McIver was originally indicted in April 2017 and reindicted for malice murder, felony murder … read more

20. Lawrenceville Attorney Doug Lewis killed by client’s ex-husband ……killed…/85-121e5bcd-a0dd-496e-92a3- 3e593bd0e9db

Dec 8, 2022 Popular, beloved Lawrenceville Attorney Doug Lewis was shot inside his own law offices, and his offices were set on fire. It turns out one of … read more

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