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1. Anthony Merchant – Wikipedia

Anthony (Tony) Merchant's law firm—Merchant Law Group—dealt with over seven thousand claims, through trials and appeals of Indigenous peoples in Canada, who had … read more

2. Anthony Merchant K.C. | Merchant Law Group LLP

E.F. Anthony Merchant KC Lawyer 888-567-7777 View Profile PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Involved as Counsel in thousands of cases including cases argued at the … read more

3. Tony Merchant receives 8-month suspension from Law Society of …

Oct 2, 2020 High-profile Saskatchewan lawyer Tony Merchant has been disciplined by the Law Society of Saskatchewan for alleged inappropriate conduct … read more

4. Tony Merchant wins appeal against Law Society of Saskatchewan …

Jan 11, 2022 A decision that would have banned Regina lawyer Tony Merchant from practising law for eight months has been rejected by the Saskatchewan's Court … read more

5. Saskatchewan appeal court overturns eight-month law society …

Jan 11, 2022 The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has overturned the Saskatchewan Law Society's suspension of high-profile lawyer Tony Merchant for sending a … read more

6. Anthony R. Zeuli | Minneapolis Partner Intellectual Property Attorney

Prior to joining Merchant & Gould, Tony was a physics engineer at Argonne National Laboratory, where he was involved in numerous engineering projects associated … read more

7. The residential schools settlement’s biggest winner: A profile of Tony …

Apr 4, 2013 Regina lawyer Tony Merchant (left) and former Progressive Conservative MLA Colin Thatcher during a court appearance, March 4, 1983. (CP). read more

8. Tony Merchant, Senator Pana Merchant: More About Canadian …

Apr 3, 2013 Class-action lawyer Tony Merchant, husband of Liberal Senator Pana Merchant, moved money to tax havens in the South Pacific and Caribbean, … read more

9. Canadian Senator’s Husband Shifted Money Into Offshore Tax …

Apr 3, 2013 Lawyer Tony Merchant, Canada's “class action king,” sought secrecy for Cook Islands trust. read more

10. Well-known Regina lawyer Tony Merchant suspended for 8 months …

Oct 2, 2020 Regina lawyer Tony Merchant is being suspended from practising law after a disciplinary panel found he used a “tone of disrespect and … read more

11. Tony Merchant receives 8 month suspension from Sask. Law Society sask-law-society-1.5131044

Oct 2, 2020 REGINA — The Law Society of Saskatchewan has suspended prominent Regina Lawyer Tony Merchant from practicing law for eight months, … read more

12. E.F. Anthony MERCHANT – Saskatchewan, Canada | Professional …

I have worked as an agent for the Solicitor General of Canada and Attorney General of Saskatchewan. I am on two advisory boards within the legal profession. read more

13. Lawyer Tony Merchant and senator wife sue CBC | CTV News 1313732

Jun 6, 2013 Senator Pana Merchant and her husband, lawyer Tony Merchant, have launched a libel lawsuit against the CBC. read more

14. Tony Merchant – 11 Lawyer Reviews & Ratings – LawyerRatingz …

Tony Merchant reviews … Rating: 2.8 (1-5) based on 11 reviews. Lawyer Tony Merchant has a fair overall rating on … The following ratings and … read more

15. Canadian lawyer Tony Merchant among those on list of offshore ……lawyer-tony-merchant…/ article10777696/

Apr 4, 2013 Merchant also has not commented. The Regina-based lawyer has been one of Canada's most high-profile attorneys. In January he filed a suit … read more

16. Regina lawyer Tony Merchant suspended for three months | CTV … months-1.856581

Jun 27, 2012 Tony Merchant is being punished after a finding of conduct unbecoming a lawyer in a case that dates back to 2003. Advertisement. The law society … read more

17. The Merchant of Menace – The Globe and Mail…merchant…/article1091902/

Dec 20, 2007 Regina lawyer Tony Merchant is the most talked-about class action litigator in Canada, having recently settled a high-profile case on behalf … read more

18. A lawyer defending former Saskatchewan energy minister Colin ……lawyer…/9827416120400/

Mar 10, 1983 Thatcher and friend Tony Merchant, an attorney, were charged in January with abducting Thatcher's 9-year-old daughter Stephanie. read more

19. What’s the deal with Tony Merchant? : r/regina…/whats_the_deal_with_tony_merchant/

Oct 3, 2020 All I know is what one Regina lawyer told me: that when facing Merchant or one of his firm's lawyers in a case, other lawyers tend to give … read more

20. Canadian Senator Pana Merchant’s lawyer husband stashed $1.7 ……merchant…lawyer…/article_817f6a8f-6592-5d9c- 969c-cde2625c90ac.html

Apr 3, 2013 The CBC says Canadian lawyer Tony Merchant, married to Saskatchewan Liberal Senator Pana Merchant, has stashed at least $1.7 million in a … read more

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