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1. What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need to Sue a Contractor? | SFVBA Referral

Feb 5, 2020 Thus, the most common type of lawyer used to sue a contractor is a business law attorney. There may be differences in the type of lawyer you … read more

2. Contractor vs. homeowner disputes: should you take legal action …

Also, when homeowners get into disputes with builders and contractors, … Hire A Lawyer And Sue: This is the most costly and time consuming legal action … read more

3. How to Sue a Contractor | Suing a Contractor | LegalMatch

Mar 28, 2022 If you wish to sue your contractor, such as for a breach of contract, you should consult with an area contract attorney. read more

4. Dealing with a Difficult Contractor: What Kind of Lawyer Do You …

Dec 13, 2022 A litigation attorney is your best defense and offense if you're dealing with a bad contractor. Incompetent and Obstinate Bad Contractors. While … read more

5. How to Sue a Contractor in Small Claims Court- California

Dec 28, 2022 The easiest way to answer this question is that a lawyer will not be representing the contractor since lawyers cannot represent parties at the … read more

6. Florida Construction Negligence Lawyer | Top-Rated

Dec 11, 2020 However, contractors make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes can lead to an injury, accident, or defect. Unfortunately, construction defects are … read more

7. Do You Need a Lawyer to Resolve Your Contractor Dispute …

May 8, 2020 The simplest way is to let your attorney negotiate with the contractor on your behalf. If the attorney can effectively persuade the contractor … read more

8. Suing a Contractor for a Bad Job in California – Pride Legal

Aug 28, 2022 It is advisable to find a lawyer for this step to handle the legal process. Suing a Licensed Contractor. If the property owner finds that the … read more

9. What Should I Do if I am Cheated by a Contractor in Utah? – Legal …

If you have been cheated or scammed by a contractor in Utah, the experienced trial lawyers at Hepworth & Associates, can help. When Can You Sue a Contractor … read more

10. How to sue a contractor | What to do when a contractor does poor …

Some contracts include arbitration as a clause to resolve a dispute instead of involving a small claims court. Hiring a lawyer is your best bet, preferably one … read more

11. Why suing a home contractor may not be as beneficial as you think ……/why-suing-a-home-contractor-may-not- be-as-beneficial-as-you-think/

Nov 9, 2015 The first attorney I visited didn't really do construction litigation. So he referred me to another lawyer in his firm. This lawyer seemed … read more

12. How to Sue Home Improvement NJ Contractors

Apr 5, 2019 Hiring a trusted contractor is a must as well, however, … to rescind the contract and an award of treble damages and attorney's fees. read more

13. Legal Options For Contractor Disputes | How To Sue A Contractor…/how-resolve-general-contractor-dispute-your- legal-options/

Civil Court โ€” Get a Good Lawyer … If your dispute is more than the amount allowable in small claims, start your journey through the legal system. Find an … read more

14. Suing Home Contractor for Construction Defects in Small Claims ……/suing-home-contractor-construction-defects-small- claims-court-texas.html

Consider small claims court as an avenue of relief. By Brian Farkas, Attorney. Imagine that you hired a contractor to perform a limited set of renovations … read more

15. Philadelphia Home Contractor Fraud Lawyer…lawyer/home-contractor-fraud/

Many Pennsylvania home contractors may attempt to put language into a contract limiting your legal rights to sue in the event of a dispute. For example, there … read more

16. Should I take my contractor to small claims court? | Nolo…/should-i-take-contractor-small-claims-court. html

By Brian Farkas, Attorney … Don't Rush Into a Lawsuit … And the filing of the lawsuit alone might scare your contractor into compliance with your … read more

17. Problems with Contractors for Home Repairs or Renovations ……/problems-with-contractors-for-home-repairs- or-renovations/

If you are having a dispute with a contractor, it is a good idea to contact an attorney before taking any action that could limit your rights, cost you more … read more

18. Home Repair and Construction – Illinois Attorney General

Check contractor complaint records with the Illinois Attorney General and the … to sue if you have been damaged by unfair or deceptive acts or practices. read more

19. Starting a Construction Lawsuit in California –…/starting-a-construction-lawsuit-in-california- 50533

These issues usually lead to the hiring of a lawyer to analyze the contract and … When working with a construction company, contractor or sub-contractors, … read more

20. I am not satisfied with a Construction Contractor’s Work: Filing Suit ……/what-to-do-if-you-are-not-satisfied- with-a-co

You may want to sue a construction contractor because, for example, … you can ask the court to award you your court costs, interest, or attorney's fees. read more

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