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1. Mediation | NYCOURTS.GOV

If you have a case already in court, you may want to discuss mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options with your lawyer. read more

2. What is Mediation? – FindLaw

Mediation is another of the methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) available to parties. Mediation is essentially a negotiation facilitated by a … read more

3. Do You Need a Mediation Attorney? | Nolo

If your case involves substantial property or legal rights, however, you may want to consult with a lawyer before the mediation to discuss the legal … read more

4. Mediator vs. Attorney: What’s the Difference? | Gjesdahl Law …

Apr 5, 2023 A mediator is an independent and neutral third party who can help negotiate agreements between two disputing parties. Mediators may actively … read more

5. Mediation in Florida – Florida Courts

Apr 6, 2023 A signed mediated settlement agreement is not confidential unless the parties agree it will be confidential and the law allows the agreement to … read more

6. Divorce Mediation vs Lawyer: Which is Right for You?

Some of the differences between using a divorce mediator vs attorney: · Lawyers give legal advice and advise their clients on what to do. · Mediators do not … read more

7. San Rafael Law Firm, Lawhon Law & Mediation P.C. | Home

Full-Time Family Law Mediators in San Francisco Bay Area Attorney/Mediators Helping Clients with Creative Solutions At Lawhon Law & Mediation, P.C. i. read more

8. Custody Mediation | North Carolina Judicial Branch

Do I need an attorney for mediation? Attorneys do not attend mediation sessions through the Custody Mediation Program. However, it is recommended that … read more

9. Lawyers Guide to Mediation | Tennessee Administrative Office of the …

In a mediation session, the attorney plays the role of counselor for his or her client. Instead of presenting an argument, the attorney is asked to allow the … read more

10. Divorce Mediation | Long Island Family Law Lawyer Darren M. Shapiro

A mediator is a neutral third party that does not advocate for either side in the process. Rather, he is there to aid in the putting together of the agreement. read more

11. Mediation & ADR | Maryland Courts

Mediation and Other Forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. We all have conflicts in our lives. Filing a law suit may be the appropriate way to handle some … read more

12. Texas Mediation Attorney Questions and Answers | GBA

Mediators are specially-trained professionals and experts in family law – who facilitate discussions between the parties to help them reach a settlement. They … read more

13. Having a Lawyer During Mediation | The Joshua Wilson Law Firm

During mediation, a third-party mediator works with the parties to identify the issues in dispute and come to an agreement both parties can accept. The mediator … read more

14. Resolve Your Divorce or Separation Out of Court …

In mediation, an impartial person (the mediator) helps people reach an agreement they … Collaborative divorce (also called “collaborative law”) is another … read more

15. Mediation

The Missouri Supreme Court describes mediation as "a process in which a … However, this law requires a written agreement to mediate between the parties. read more

16. Family Law Mediation Program – North Dakota Court System…/family-law-mediation-program

Mediation is a process in which an impartial mediator assists people in conflict to have a constructive conversation about their dispute in a neutral setting. read more

17. Do I Still Need to Hire a Lawyer If We Are Going to Divorce Mediation?…/do-i-still-need-to-hire-a-lawyer-if-we-are- going-to-divorce-mediation/

Sep 7, 2019 Working with a good mediator has its perks — most notably you can cut down on attorney fees and costs, go at your own pace, keep the intimate … read more

18. Do I Need to Bring a Lawyer to Mediation?

Apr 20, 2017 IT'S UP TO YOU. Certainly lawyers may be present with parties in a mediation, however, it's not a requirement that you have one there. You and … read more

19. Mediation | Texas Law Help

Sep 20, 2022 Mediation involves a neutral person, the mediator, who guides parties through communication to promote compromise, settlement, … read more

20. Brenda Waugh, Attorney at Law & Mediator | DC, VA & West Virginia

Whether your conflict is related to an injury, problems in a relationship, or difficulties in the workplace, Brenda Waugh at Waugh Law & Mediation can help. read more

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