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1. Ending the Lease – Landlord/Tenant Law – Guides at Texas State …

Please contact an attorney for help determining what the law means for you. … If a tenant wants to move out early and break their lease for a reason other … read more

2. How to Terminate Your Lease | Lease Termination Lawyers …

Mar 10, 2021 An experienced and local real estate attorney can look over your lease and explain to you what your legal options are. Additionally, an … read more

3. Breaking a Lease – Rocket Lawyer

You can also help your landlord by finding a replacement tenant yourself. Remember, if you have a fixed lease (usually for a year), you're usually obligated to … read more

4. How to Legally Break a Lease in Texas

If this fails and you believe you have a justifiable reason to end your lease you may have to contact an attorney that specializes in landlord/tenant issues or … read more

5. Tenant’s Right to Break a Rental Lease in Texas | Nolo

Learn when and how tenants may legally break a lease in Texas and how to limit liability for rent through the end of the … By Ann O'Connell, Attorney. read more

6. Breaking Your Lease | California Tenant Law

Aug 11, 2021 Regardless of what the landlord told you, you can break the lease, … If you do contact a lawyer for help with details, this gives you lots … read more

7. Tenant’s Right to Break a Rental Lease in California | Nolo

Learn when and how tenants may legally break a lease in California, and how to limit liability for rent through the end of … By Ann O'Connell, Attorney. read more

8. Break Lease Arizona Tenants Advocates

Learn more about our professional services and how to break your lease. … over the duration – for no extra charge – under attorney review TAP will assist … read more

9. Breaking Leases Early | McAdams Law | New York, New York …

Tenants' lawyer Jeff McAdams has extensive experience in helping tenants deal with their landlords, and in successfully negotiating early lease termination in a … read more

10. Breaking a Lease in Chicago – A Tenants’ Rights

There are several options to consider when deciding how to break a lease, … the attorney can draft a settlement agreement properly breaking the lease. read more

11. How to Break Your Lease Without Paying Your Landlord A Dime … landlord/

May 18, 2020 If a tenant is constructively evicted, the landlord may be liable for the return of the tenant's rent, future rent, emotional distress, attorney … read more

12. Rental Lease Lawyer With Offices in Hackensack New Brunswick …

Do you need or want to terminate or "break" the lease before the end of the term … When you retain us to help you end a residential lease, we'll carefully … read more

13. Breaking A Lease In Florida – What You Should Know 21.html

It stated that if a tenant chose to break a lease by moving out before the … real estate attorney who will help you file a lawsuit against your landlord. read more

14. Lease Termination: Ending Your Lease | Texas Law Help

May 23, 2023 What to do when your lease ends or you need to terminate your lease early. … A lease is a contract between a landlord and a tenant. The tenant … read more

15. Breaking A Colorado Residential Lease – Colorado Real Estate …

A lawyer with expertise in real estate law can help guide you on this. Reasons Tenants Generally Can NOT Break the Lease, Even if They Want To. Again, a lease … read more

16. New Jersey Breaking a Lease Law Firm – The Cintron Firm, LLC…/breaking-your-lease-or-ending -your-lease-in-new-jersey/

If you intend to just move out at the end of your lease term, you should not need an attorney. However, you must give advance written notice to your landlord of … read more

17. How to break a lease in Pennsylvania…/break-lease-philadelphia-20200724.html

Jul 24, 2020 The landlord is not going to lock the door and keep the tenant barricaded in there,” says Rachel Garland, managing attorney of Community Legal … read more

18. How to Break a Lease with No Penalty Fees in Texas | Caretaker…/breaking…lease…/how-to-break-a-lease-with-no- penalty-fees-in-texas

May 24, 2023 Breaking a lease early in Texas usually means paying your landlord a reletting fee—but not always. read more

19. Vacating Your Apartment

Tenants who break a lease by moving out early, or prior to giving appropriate notification, … The following steps may help you avoid such problems:. read more

20. Philadelphia Lease Termination Lawyer | Mark Copoulos Law

Lease Termination Lawyer ~ In Philadelphia there are many ways for a tenant to break a residential lease before the end of the lease term. read more

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