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1. I need to clear an arrest from my record (expunction). | Texas Law Help

Jan 3, 2023 Yes, you must almost always go to court to clear an arrest from your record. (But, if you hire a lawyer to represent you, the judge may allow … read more

2. Clean your record | California Courts | Self Help Guide

Reduce the impact of your California criminal record. Although true expungement does not exist in California, there may be options to clean your record … read more

3. Atlanta Expungement Lawyer | Clear Criminal Record

Contact An Experienced Attorney At Hirsch Criminal Defense … Call Matt Hirsch to find out if you are eligible to have all or part of your criminal record … read more

4. San Antonio Expungement Lawyer | We Help Seal Your Criminal …

A skilled San Antonio expungement lawyer at Rush & Gransee can help assert your rights in seeking record expungement and record sealing of a criminal file. read more

5. Florida Expungement Lawyer | Criminal Records Expungement

Using an Expungement Lawyer in Orlando · A written certified statement page by the relevant state attorney or statewide prosecutor (for expunctions only) · A … read more

6. Request to seal your criminal record |

If you don't send the petition, and the District Attorney's Office hasn't waived the 30 days notice, then no criminal records from other court divisions will be … read more

7. File Request to Expunge a Criminal Record |

The process to restrict your records depends on the date of your arrest and which agency or prosecuting attorney processed your case. read more

8. Sealing After 10 Years CPL 160.59 | NY CourtHelp

Jan 26, 2023 If the court approves your application, your criminal convictions can only be seen by qualified agencies and federal, state, and local law … read more

9. Get a Clear Criminal Record in WA | Findley & Rogers

Eligibility Requirements · For a lawyer to expunge records of your criminal history of a Class C felony, you must not have been convicted of any felonies or … read more

10. Do I need a lawyer to clear my criminal record? | Illinois Legal Aid …

You can file a request to clear your criminal record on your own. But it is best to have a lawyer. A mistake could be costly, and there may be free help in … read more


The California criminal record expungement law, Penal Code § 1203.4, is complex in certain areas, and the expungement of a criminal record is something that … read more

12. Find Top Expungement Lawyers Near You | LawInfo Attorney Directory

These records are essentially sealed away – which is why expungement is sometimes known as sealing a criminal record – so that most people will not even know … read more

13. New York City Expungement Lawyer | Clearing a Criminal Record

A New York expungement lawyer can help people eligible under the current law to complete the necessary paperwork and make their arguments in court. Contact an … read more

14. ISP: Expunge Criminal History

Records contained within an individual's criminal history file may be expunged or sealed under Indiana law. A petition for expungement or seal can be filed … read more

15. Katherine O’Brien Law | $895 Expungements | NJ Expungements …

Attorney Katherine O'Brien has been practicing expungement law her entire career and has handled hundreds of complex criminal record expungements. Katherine is … read more

16. North Carolina Expungement Lawyer | ERASE your NC Criminal …

Contact Expungement Lawyer Lindsey Granados at 919-948-7159 for a free eligibility consultation to learn if we can erase your NC criminal record. We have … read more

17. Virginia Expungement Lawyer | Sealing a Criminal Record

In Virginia, an expungement will seal court records of an arrest for criminal charges and remove these records from public view. However, an expungement … read more

18. Home – My Clean Slate PA

Pennsylvania's Clean Slate law has made a huge difference in over a … Clean Slate uses technology to seal certain criminal records from public view … read more

19. Criminal Record Clearing – Community Legal Services

Expungements are a way to clear your criminal record. Under Pennsylvania law, any charges that did not result in conviction are eligible to be expunged. read more

20. North Carolina’s New Expungement Law: What You Need To Know … what-you-need-to-know/

There is no more limit on how many dismissals can be expunged. Prosecutors and law enforcement personnel will have access to all records. Expunging a Criminal … read more

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