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1. Glossary of Legal Terms | United States Courts

A. Acquittal. A jury verdict that a criminal defendant is not guilty, or the finding of a judge that the evidence is insufficient to support a conviction. read more

2. U.S. Attorneys | Legal Terms Glossary | United States Department of …

affirmed – Judgment by appellate courts where the decree or order is declared valid … counsel – Legal advice; a term used to refer to lawyers in a case. read more

3. Common Legal Words – CT Judicial Branch

Habeas Corpus: A court order used to bring a person physically before a court in order to test the legality of the person's detention. Usually, it is directed … read more

4. Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Court

Dec 16, 2003 Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Court · Abstract of judgment – An official copy of the contents of a civil judgment. · Abstract of conviction – … read more

5. Legal Terms & Definitions | Franklin Court of Common Pleas

Action, Case, Suit. A legal dispute brought into court for a hearing or trial. · Answer. A pleading filed with the court before the trial by the defendant in a … read more

6. 50 Courtroom Terms You Hear in Your Favorite Legal Dramas

Jun 15, 2018 50 Common courtroom terms you should know · Arraignment: The proceeding in which a defendant is brought to court, informed of the charges and … read more

7. Self-Help Glossary – selfhelp

coram nobis: A legal paper that is used to tell the court about mistakes in the facts of the case. It is used to try to cancel the judgment. read more

8. Legal Glossary | Learn | Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania

May be forfeited should individual subsequently fail to appear before the court. Bail and bond are often used interchangeably. bail authority. In Pennsylvania … read more

9. 20 Courtroom Terms Everyone Should Know | Personal Injury Blog

Aug 15, 2019 20 Courtroom Terms Everyone Should Know · 1. Plaintiff. The plaintiff is one side of every legal case. · 2. Defendant. The defendant is the … read more


COURTROOM PHRASES. Language heard in· the courtroom and otber legal ~enings contains many standardized expressions and set phr~es, and their equivalents in … read more

11. Legal Glossary | NY CourtHelp

Sep 21, 2022 appellate court: A court that can check how the law was used to decide a case in a lower court. In New York State the appellate courts are: The … read more

12. Glossary of legal terms

Glossary of Legal Terms · Adjourn To transfer a case before the Court to another date or time. · Affidavit · Appeal books · Appellant: · Bill of costs · Cause of … read more

13. Indiana Judicial Branch: Glossary of Legal Terms

Justice(s): The term used for judges of the Supreme Court. -L-. Lawyer: see Attorney. Liable/Liability: A legal responsibility, obligation, or debt. Libel: … read more

14. Words and Meanings | COPFS

Oct 12, 2022 An A to Z guide explaining the legal terms you may come into contact … An item used as evidence in a criminal trial and shown in court. read more

15. Consumers’ Guide to Legal HelpLegal Terms Glossary…/flh-glossary/

Hearings are used by courts and also by legislative and administrative agencies. – I -. Indigent – Needy or impoverished. A defendant in a criminal case who can … read more

16. Glossary of Supreme Court terms – SCOTUSblog

Dec 31, 2009 … publishing the following new glossary of Supreme Court terms, which defines the legal terminology we regularly use in our posts. read more

17. List of Latin legal terms – Wikipedia

A number of Latin terms are used in legal terminology and legal maxims. … contra legem, against the law, Used when a court or tribunal hands down a … read more

18. Glossary

A judge, lawyer, sheriff or other suitable person who hears evidence at a different place and time to the actual court case. This evidence can then be used … read more

19. Glossary of Court Terms | Maryland Courts

Arrest — To deprive a person of his liberty by legal authority. … Guilty — The word used by an accused in pleading to the charges when he confesses to … read more

20. Glossary of terms – Colorado Judicial Branch

Means certified, when used in reference to copies of official documents, … Court employee whose duty is to keep order in the courtroom. Bankruptcy. read more

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