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1. Practising as a Syariah Lawyer in Singapore

Dec 12, 2022 I have had many people tell me that I should not practice Syariah Law because it isn't where the money is, it isn't the most intellectually … read more

2. Syariah Law Knowledge = Being a Syariah Lawyer? Nope. – Z …

Mar 17, 2023 Here's a question to ponder on: Do law students only have one career choice, i.e. to be a lawyer? The answer is 'no'. Let me share a scenario … read more

3. Syariah Lawyer SG | Singapore Singapore

Each case turns on its own facts. Contact us directly if you wish to obtain legal advice: By Whatsapp: read more

4. Syariah Lawyers – Leading Muslim Law Firm in Singapore

Syariah Lawyers has the largest Muslim law firm in Singapore. Get in touch for all matters relating to Syariah Law, including divorce, faraid, … read more

5. Syariah Divorce Lawyer – Do I Need One?

Why you need a Syariah Divorce Lawyer · Most people think lawyers only come in handy when there is a Court Trial like in the movies. · As a Muslim wife in … read more

6. Syariah lawyer who helps those who want out of Islam

Jun 19, 2014 KUALA LUMPUR: Unbeknownst to many, there is a tiny by-law under the country's Syariah legislation which allows for Malaysians to be legally … read more

7. Syariah Lawyer Singapore

For matters relating to Syariah law in Singapore, speak with the team at Syariah Law SG today – free consultation available today! read more

8. The Training, Appointment, and Supervision of Islamic Lawyers in …

Jan 1, 2012 Yes, an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore may appear before the Syariah Court and the civil courts. 11. C. What … read more

9. Muslim Lawyers – Syariah Law Singapore

3 days ago Nursidah Malik. I am grateful for the prompt service of PKWA Law and Mr Muhammad Firdaus in granting me the Letter of … read more

10. New & Events – Crescent Law

Aside from daily practice, our lawyers are active in external events. … Mr Ahmad Nizam presented a paper on Recent Developments in Syariah Court … read more

11. Syariah Lawyer: Sabah’s Minimum Age Of Marriage Should Be ……/a-lawyer-wants-to-let-sabahan-muslim-women-marry-at- 15-years-old

Jul 9, 2018 He also called for stricter guidelines for Syariah judges in assessing underage marriages. read more

12. The female face of Islamic law in Malaysia | Courts | Al Jazeera…/8/…/the-female-face-of-islamic-law-in-malaysia

Aug 16, 2017 “I have my empathy to them, I can put myself in their shoes, but not sympathy. … The number of women registered with the Syariah Lawyers … read more

13. Why Engage A Syariah Lawyer During A Divorce? – Emerald Law

Most would try to be amicable and save their marriage, especially if they have children. It is always important to consider the impact on the children first … read more

14. Court Etiquette in Syariah Court…Us/Court-Etiquette-in-Syariah-Court

May 30, 2022 Do not eat or drink in the courtroom. If you would like to have some refreshments, please visit the eateries nearby. Etiquette during Court … read more

15. My journey to the syariah bar – From the Bar Stool

Sep 3, 2021 In 2017, I picked up new wind about it and persuaded two of my lawyers, Aizat and Farhan, to sit for the Syariah bar exams with me. read more


Singapore Syariah Divorce Lawyers, Brought To You By Emerald Law, … To Mr Rizuan and Team, I am very satisfied with the services provided to me. read more

17. Near Me lawyer firm in georgetown

Near Me lawyer firm di georgetown, penang. … Tags: Lawyer Lawyer firm Syariah Law Legal practice Estate Planning Legal Consultation; Service: Lawyer firm … read more

18. Shukrina Salam on LinkedIn: #lawyer #law #represent | 118 comments…/shukrina-salam-91a476172_lawyer-law-represent- activity-6975757264565518336-hncO

There was no lawyer parent/relative/family friend I could turn to for help. … I have had many people tell me that I should not practice Syariah Law … read more

19. Syariah Courts in Sabah ‘legally handicapped’ – lawyer…/syariah-courts-in-sabah-legally- handicapped-lawyer/

Nov 21, 2019 KOTA KINABALU: Syariah lawyers are having difficulties to do their jobs … “Another Syariah lawyer informed me that he was allegedly not … read more

20. Ahmad Nizam Abbas – Wikipedia

Ahmad Nizam bin Abbas PBM is a Singaporean family lawyer and Syariah law practitioner. … Open main menu. Home · Random · Nearby. read more

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