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1. An AI robot lawyer was set to argue in court. Real lawyers shut it …

Jan 25, 2023 A British man who planned to have a "robot lawyer" help a defendant fight a traffic ticket has dropped the effort after receiving threats of … read more

2. AI-powered “robot” lawyer won’t argue in court after jail threats – CBS …

Jan 26, 2023 A "robot" lawyer powered by artificial intelligence was set to be the first of its kind to help a defendant fight a traffic ticket in court … read more

3. Robot Lawyers Are About to Flood the Courts | WIRED

Apr 13, 2023 Robot Lawyers Are About to Flood the Courts. It's time to reform the US legal system. Photo collage of a techtextured head a search bar a … read more

4. Would you let a robot lawyer defend you? – BBC News

Aug 15, 2021 Could your next lawyer be a robot? · Joshua Browder describes his app DoNotPay as "the world's first robot lawyer". · It helps users draft legal … read more

5. The First ‘A.I. Lawyer’ Will Help Defendants Fight Speeding Tickets …

Jan 26, 2023 Behind this bot, called the “world's first robot lawyer,” is the technology startup DoNotPay, which uses artificial intelligence to advocate for … read more

6. Meet ‘Ross,’ the newly hired legal robot – The Washington Post

May 16, 2016 One of the country's biggest law firms has become the first to publicly announce that it has “hired” a robot lawyer to assist with … read more

7. Robot Lawyer LISA

LISA is the world's first impartial robot lawyer. LISA's AI technology enables you to create legally binding agreements with another party, together, … read more

8. States Should Welcome the World’s First Actual Robot Lawyer …

Jun 2, 2023 The clearest example of this resistance can be seen with the reaction to DoNotPay, a legal technology company that bills itself as the world's … read more

9. ‘Robot lawyer’ powered by AI will help fight speeding ticket as it …

Jan 5, 2023 The AI, billed as “the world's first robot lawyer” by the startup that created it, DoNotPay, will run on a smartphone and listen to court … read more

10. My lawyer, the robot – POLITICO

Jan 9, 2023 My lawyer, the robot … Call it the Cyber-ano de Bergerac Defense. The eerie new capabilities of artificial intelligence are about to show up … read more

11. Robot Lawyer To Go To Court In World First

A robot lawyer is set to represent a defendant in an actual court case for the first time in history. This is all powered by DoNotPay's artificial … read more

12. Jail threats stop AI ‘robot lawyer’ from making its debut in court … .html

Jan 26, 2023 Joshua Browder, the CEO of New York startup DoNotPay, recently announced that his company's bot will represent a defendant fighting a … read more

13. Lawbot – Wikipedia

The terms robot lawyer and lawyer bot are used as synonyms to lawbot. … A robot lawyer or a robo-lawyer refers to a legal AI application that can perform tasks … read more

14. A.I. powered ‘robot lawyer’ will appear in a U.S. court for the first time…/ai-powered-robot-lawyer-will-appear-in-a-us-court- for-the-first-time

Jan 10, 2023 Consumer-focused tech firm DoNotPay is behind the AI-powered legal assistant. The company's CEO, Joshua Browder, says the company's creation … read more

15. Lawsuit pits class action firm against ‘robot lawyer’ DoNotPay | Reuters…/lawsuit-pits-class-action-firm-against-robot-lawyer -donotpay-2023-03-09/

Mar 9, 2023 (Reuters) – DoNotPay Inc, which says it uses artificial intelligence to help consumers and bills itself as "the world's first robot lawyer," … read more

16. ‘World’s first robot lawyer’ short-circuited by prosecutors, faces class … prosecutors-faces-class-action-suit/

May 4, 2023 Enter DoNotPay, a New York-based tech company that dubbed itself the “world's first robot lawyer.” As a child of the '80s, I recalled several … read more

17. Can My Lawyer Be a Robot? | ABA Law Practice Today

Feb 28, 2023 One company called DoNotPay recently created the “world's first robot lawyer,” which uses artificial intelligence to help consumers “sue anyone … read more

18. DoNotPay, the ‘Robot Lawyer’ Is Being Sued

Mar 13, 2023 The startup behind the “world's first robot lawyer,” DoNotPay, is gearing up for one of its first big court battles. read more

19. Stanford Grad Who Created The World’s First ‘Robot Lawyer’ Raises ……/stanford-grad-who-created-the-worlds-first-robot- lawyer-raises-12-million-in-series-a/

Jun 23, 2020 DoNotPay, which Browder likes to call the “world's first robot lawyer,” has gone from helping people with their parking tickets to assisting … read more

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