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1. What Should You Do If Your Lawyer Is Not Responding to Emails …

Mar 16, 2023 What Should You Do If Your Lawyer Is Not Responding to Emails? (Top 7 Tips to Get Your Lawyer to Respond) · Tip 1: Check Your Lawyer's Contact … read more

2. Clients want lawyers to stop ignoring emails and phone calls | Law …

Oct 22, 2019 Clio suggests that firms should respond to emails within 24 hours and answer at least one question about the issue or how the lawyer could … read more

3. Why is my lawyer not responding to any of my email or phone calls …

It often indicates that the lawyer is simply not interested in your case. Worse, it may indicate the lawyer is hiding something and hoping you just disappear. read more

4. Resolving a problem with your lawyer or paralegal – FREE Legal …

If you cannot obtain a response, or if you tried talking to your lawyer or paralegal and it did not help, you can contact the Law Society of Ontario for … read more

5. Why Is My Lawyer Ignoring Me?

If you've only emailed, I would suggest calling your lawyer. If that doesn't work, I would suggest writing a letter to your lawyer. Generally, letters get the … read more

6. Is it Legal Malpractice If Your Lawyer Doesn’t Respond …

Jun 29, 2022 Here are some reasons why your lawyer might not be responding to emails: There are no updates to report;; They are busy with other clients; … read more

7. Family Law – SRL – What to do if opposing counsel is not responding …

Family Law – SRL – What to do if opposing counsel is not responding, answering or replying to queries or requests?
by u/capablanca4u in LawCanada

Sep 18, 2022 Your issue is emailing. If you are sending emails without having gone through a verification process with OCs firm, that lawyer may not respond … read more

8. Is it legal malpractice if an attorney stops responding to you? | St …

Sep 27, 2018 If your lawyer still does not respond, you can send him or her a letter explaining the communication problems. If at this point you do not hear … read more

9. How long should you wait for your lawyer to respond to an email …

Aug 29, 2015 2 weeks is a while. Most lawyers try to respond much more quickly. I would say that you should follow up with an email and or a phone call, … read more

10. What to Do When You’re Dissatisfied With Your Lawyer | Nolo

If your lawyer does not respond, or subsequent meetings or conversations are not fruitful, consider suggesting mediation to work out your communication … read more

11. Chapter 7 | Law Society of Ontario…/chapter-7

If the lawyer is not responsible for the payment of the fees, the lawyer should … answering litigation-related inquiries, rules 7.2-8 to 7.2-8.2 do not … read more

12. Scam Alert: LSBA Warns Members about New Phishing Scam…

If you receive phishing email, do not respond. … The LSBA, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and law enforcement agencies encourage LSBA members to … read more

13. Talking to the Other Side’s Lawyer When You’re Self-Represented ……/talking-to-the-other-sides-lawyer-when-youre-self- represented

Dec 12, 2022 Is there a way I can get them to respond to me? It is not uncommon for pro se litigants to have difficulty communicating with opposing counsel, … read more

14. Solve a disagreement with your landlord or tenant |

May 14, 2019 a tenant would be committing an offence if they stopped their … We recommend writing a letter or email so that you can have records. read more

15. When Opposing Counsel Goes Dark—Can You Communicate …

Jun 22, 2018 I have taken multiple calls at the WSBA Ethics Line from attorneys who feel stymied because opposing counsel isn't responding and hasn't … read more

16. Can’t Communicate With Your Ex? Sole Custody May be Best for the ……/cant-communicate-ex-sole-custody-may-best-child/

Nicholson, a 2016 decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, … he was tardy at responding to emails; and; the father did not demonstrate a … read more

17. LTB: Contact the LTB | Tribunals Ontario

Jun 12, 2023 Get in touch with Ontario's Landlord and Tenant Board. … The LTB does not respond by email to these types of inquiries. read more

18. Feedback – Ontario Court of Justice

You must include your e-mail address if you require a response. Due to volume of email, it may not be possible to acknowledge, redirect or respond to email that … read more

19. How to save money on legal fees – Family Law Advisor

May 28, 2021 Under Ontario law, you need to provide your ex-partner with your full income tax … Do not respond to your lawyer's emails right away read more

20. Rule 4.2 Communication With Person Represented By Counsel ……4…/comment_on_rule_4_2/

Parties to a matter may communicate directly with each other, and a lawyer is not prohibited from advising a client concerning a communication that the client … read more

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