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1. Central African Republic war crimes trial postponed after lawyer no …

Apr 19, 2022 The defendants' lawyers failed to show on Tuesday, the exact reason for which was unclear. Joseph Bindoumi, president of the Central African … read more

2. No-show lawyer leaves clients hanging |

Jan 24, 2023 Noshow lawyer leaves clients hanging, cases in chaos in Jacksonville. The Florida Bar is investigating attorney Benjamin Buck, … read more

3. What happens if the parties, Plaintiff or Defendant, do not show up in …

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE PERSON I AM SUING (the Defendant) DOES NOT SHOW UP FOR … be a complicated procedure for which it would be best to speak with a lawyer. read more

4. Judge: No-show lawyer’s conduct ‘simply reprehensible …

Feb 16, 2023 Noshow lawyer's conduct 'simply reprehensible' judge says. Attorney Ben Buck finally appeared for a court hearing – and met the judge's … read more

5. Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell a no-show for election probe …

Sep 22, 2022 Former Trump attorney Sydney Powell a noshow for election probe grand jury It is unclear if there will be legal repercussions from her … read more

6. In fraud case, embattled Ozy Media is a no-show

Mar 8, 2023 Embattled media company is scrambling to find a lawyer to represent it against federal fraud charges. read more

7. Small Claims Court |

No Attorney Required: You can speak on your own behalf in Small Claims Court and … you must inform the Clerk who will issue a Notice to Show Cause to you. read more

8. If the Defendant Is a No-Show | Nolo

Find out what happens if the party you sue fails to show up at court. Updated By Cara O'Neill, Attorney. If a defendant (the person or business sued) … read more

9. Florida pastor accused of Covid fraud a no-show in court due to …

Dec 16, 2022 "Mr. Edwards appears to be nonverbal," his lawyer told a judge. … Evan Edwards was a noshow after he told officers he had medical issues … read more

10. Lawyer facing 6 felonies in Asheville real estate scam a court no-show

Apr 4, 2023 ASHEVILLE – A local attorney charged with six felonies in an alleged scam to bilk poor and Black homeowners out of properties missed her … read more

11. Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell a no-show for election probe ……/former-trump-attorney-sydney-powell- 210641587.html

Sep 22, 2022 Former Trump attorney Sydney Powell a noshow for election probe grand jury … A key figure in the investigation into possible criminal … read more

12. Alex Jones is a no-show for his Sandy Hook deposition — again : NPR…/alex-jones-sandy-hook-deposition-lawsuit

Mar 24, 2022 The Infowars host had been scheduled to appear Wednesday and Thursday. Jones' lawyer said his client was following his doctor's guidance not … read more

13. IME No-Show Lawyer in NY | The Sigalov Firm PLLC

If you're looking for an IME noshow lawyer in NYC, contact The Sigalov Firm. We can help you get your reimbursement after a No-Fault Car Accident. read more

14. Italian Envoy Murder Case In DR Congo Delayed By Lawyer No-show…/italian-envoy-murder-case-in-dr-congo-delayed- by-lawyer-no-show-c89873d

Mar 1, 2023 … postponed the indictment of five defendants accused in the killing of an ex-Italian ambassador after their lawyers failed to show up. read more

15. What to do if your Attorney Didn’t Show up to Court – Trials and Errors court/

If your lawyer failed to show up in court, then you will be left without counsel to argue your case. There is simply no excuse for this kind of failure. read more

16. Kanye West burger case thrown out of Melbourne court after US ……/ye-college-dropout-burger-case-australia- melbourne-court-kanye-west-lawyer-no-show

Mar 2, 2023 … case thrown out of Melbourne court after US rapper's lawyers' no-show … But after filing the case in October 2022, Ye and his lawyers … read more

17. 3 problems that can arise when an attorney misses court | The Viorst ……/3-problems-that-can-arise-when-an-attorney- misses-court/

Nov 10, 2021 What might happen if your lawyer doesn't show up to court? … won't necessarily know that your attorney is the one who failed, not you. read more

18. El Paso DA Yvonne Rosales a no-show in Walmart shooting hearing ……/el-paso-district-attorney-yvonne-rosales- walmart-shooting/

Nov 30, 2022 The district judge has asked the embattled district attorney, who resigned Monday, to appear in court Thursday or risk being arrested. read more

19. Judge drops murder charges after no show of prosecutor from St ……/judge-drops-murder-charges-after-no-show-of- prosecutor-from-st-louis-circuit-attorneys-office/

Jul 20, 2021 St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is under fire after a judge drops murder charges against an accused killer. read more

20. Central African Republic War Crimes Trial Postponed After Lawyer ……/central-african-republic-war-crimes-trial- postponed-after-lawyer-no-show

Apr 19, 2022 … African Republic War Crimes Trial Postponed After Lawyer No-Show … day on Tuesday when lawyers for defendants boycotted proceedings. read more

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