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1. What is Legal Malpractice? – FindLaw

Similar to medical malpractice, legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer doesn't do what they are supposed to do, and their error hurts their client. read more

2. Legal Malpractice | Personal Injury Law Center | Justia

Oct 14, 2022 Instead, legal malpractice happens when an attorney handles a case inappropriately due to negligence or with intent to harm and causes damages … read more

3. When Does a Mistake Become Legal Malpractice?

Feb 8, 2019 Even if it was an inexcusable error, it gives rise to a viable legal malpractice claim only if the client proves to a “legal certainty” he or … read more

4. Legal Malpractice – The Florida Bar

Dec 12, 2022 Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney fails to perform according to the proscribed standards and codes of ethical and professional … read more

5. About Legal Malpractice & Attorney Negligence | The Kassab Firm

As one Texas court has stated, the term “legal malpractice” may “refer to any claim brought by a client against that client's attorney, regardless of whether … read more

6. What Is Legal Malpractice? Definition & Examples – Forbes Advisor

Jan 27, 2023 Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney represents you in a way that falls below the accepted standard of professional representation. Lawyers … read more

7. Legal Malpractice Under Colorado Law | Colorado Lawyer

1993) (breach of fiduciary duty is a breach of trust and does not require a professional relationship or a professional standard of care; legal malpractice is a … read more

8. Legal Malpractice | Chicago Professional Malpractice Lawyers

Legal malpractice may occur when an attorney's negligent action, inaction (failing to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations period), or advice causes … read more

9. Understanding Legal Malpractice in Ohio » Suing A lawyer for …

An attorney commits legal malpractice in Ohio when he or she fails to provide legal services to a client that meet the minimum standard of care. read more

10. Texas Requirements For Legal Malpractice Claims

Sep 15, 2020 A legalmalpractice claim in Texas requires four elements: (1) a duty by the attorney to the plaintiff, (2) the attorney's breach of that duty, … read more

11. Legal Malpractice | Gainesville Professional Negligence Lawyers

Legal malpractice is defined as any negligent conduct or wrongful act committed by an attorney that causes harm to their client. In these cases, the client may … read more

12. Wisconsin Lawyer: Legal Malpractice: What Is It, Really?:…/WisconsinLawyer/Pages/Article.aspx?…89…

Nov 1, 2016 To establish causation and damages in a legal malpractice action, “a plaintiff must prove that, but for the attorney's negligence, the plaintiff … read more

13. Grand Rapids, MI Legal Malpractice Lawyers – Hoffer & Sheremet

In its simplest terms, legal malpractice is when your lawyer makes a mistake while representing you, and you are harmed as a result. It can't, however, be a … read more

14. 10 Common Examples of Legal Malpractice Claims | Embroker

Aug 24, 2022 Legal malpractice claims most often occur when a professional decision or action made by an attorney results in losses for his or her … read more

15. Legal Malpractice | White Plains Negligence Lawyers Klose …

Legal Malpractice · conflicts of interest · failure to convey settlement offers to a client · attorney negligence in handling a personal injury claim · malpractice … read more

16. Malpractice Insurance…/alps-malpractice-insurance

The American Bar Association has a collection of resources on legal malpractice insurance, including a list of carriers in Washington State. read more

17. Legal Malpractice Law – William F. McMurry & Associates, Louisville …

Sometimes the legal representation arises when the lawyer you hired to sue someone or your hired to defend you in a suit filed against you. Now, because of your … read more

18. What Is Legal Malpractice Florida |…malpractice/…malpractice…/what-is-legal- malpractice/

Malpractice is defined as negligence or carelessness on the part of a professional person, for example, a doctor or lawyer. Malpractice is the failure to … read more

19. Do I need malpractice insurance? | Ohio State Bar Association…/do-i-need-malpractice-insurance/

Feb 24, 2017 A lawyer needs to have legal malpractice insurance (also called lawyers professional liability insurance or LPL coverage) OR inform a client … read more

20. Legal Malpractice Lawyer In Indiana – Indiana Law Firm – Nice Law …

Legal Negligence, Legal Malpractice & Professional Liability. People hire attorneys to represent their best interests, provide them with sound legal advice, … read more

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