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1. FAQ’s on Malpractice Insurance for the New or Suddenly Solo Attorney

One policy, for example, may have a $1M/$1M limit, meaning you have $1 million per claim, and $1 million in the aggregate, available to you for claims made … read more

2. 6 Steps to Buying Legal Malpractice Insurance and What it Costs | Clio

Jun 10, 2022 Business activities: Most legal malpractice insurers do not provide commercial liability insurance. Typically, law firms will need to seek a … read more

3. Home – TLIE – Texas Legal Malpractice Insurance from Texas …

TLIE Policies include $50,000 in Cyber Liability Coverage! Contact us for more details. Scott, Douglass & McConnico, LLP TLIE Insured since 1984 … read more

4. Attorneys Advantage: Malpractice Attorneys Insurance for Small Firms

Aon Attorneys Advantage specializes in providing professional liability insurance to law firms with 1-25 attorneys. Over 10,000 law firms across the U.S. count … read more

5. ALPS Legal Malpractice Insurance

Choosing the right partner to protect your firm shouldn't have to be difficult. · ALPS is Lawyer's Malpractice Insurance Made Easy · CALL: (800) 367-2577. read more

6. How Much Does Legal Malpractice Insurance Cost? | Embroker

Oct 5, 2022 Legal malpractice insurance is a “peace of mind coverage,” one which you must thoroughly examine in order to make sure that your legal firm is … read more

7. State Bar-Sponsored Insurance Programs

These programs include Professional Liability (Malpractice) Insurance, Life Insurance, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. Find information about … read more

8. ALPS Legal Malpractice Insurance

ALPS is legal malpractice insurance made easy. Founded by lawyers for lawyers in 1988, ALPS is the nation's largest direct writer of lawyers' malpractice … read more

9. Malpractice Insurance

Attorneys practicing in the state of Washington are not required to have professional liability insurance; however, a new malpractice insurance disclosure … read more

10. ISBA Mutual Insurance: Malpractice Insurance for IL Lawyers

Our policy covers the first $50,000, but you can always add coverage up to $1M by answering some underwriting questions which may help determine how much extra … read more

11. Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Co. – California Attorney Malpractice …

"Lawyers' Mutual Insurance Company of California" "California Legal Malpractice Insurance" "Attorney Malpractice Insurance" – Lawyers Mutual Insurance … read more

12. Do I need malpractice insurance? | Ohio State Bar Association…/do-i-need-malpractice-insurance/

Feb 24, 2017 A lawyer needs to have legal malpractice insurance (also called lawyers professional liability insurance or LPL coverage) OR inform a client … read more

13. Legal Malpractice Insurance | HUB International…/legal-malpractice-insurance/

Legal malpractice insurance is one of the most important areas of liability coverage a law firm or practicing attorney should purchase. read more

14. Professional Liability Insurance – State Bar of Texas…Insurance1

Professional Liability Insurance, BOP, Civil Court Bonds and More – Texas Lawyers' Insurance Exchange (TLIE) has protected Texas lawyers since 1979 with the … read more

15. What is the Average Cost of Lawyer’s Malpractice Insurance?…/what-is-the-average-cost-of-lawyers- malpractice-insurance.aspx

May 9, 2016 Attorneys that practice in the higher risk areas can expect to pay around $3,000 to $10,000 per year. All of this can also vary by state and … read more

16. Legal Malpractice Insurance | North Carolina State Bar

Legal malpractice insurance policies provide insurance coverage for some but not all professional liability (negligence) claims made against a lawyer. read more

17. AILA Lawyers Malpractice Insurance Program – AILA…/lawyers-malpractice-insurance-program

Jul 26, 2018 Insurance Offices of America (IOA) and The Hanover Insurance Group have joined forces to bring AILA members better professional liability … read more

18. A word about professional liability (malpractice) insurance Colorado ……/ A%20word%20about%20professional%20liability.pdf

Colorado lawyers in the private practice of law are required by Supreme Court rule to report to the. Colorado Supreme Court Attorney Registration Office, on an … read more

19. Wisconsin Lawyer: 101: The Basics of Malpractice Insurance:…/WisconsinLawyer/Pages/Article.aspx?…86…

Mar 1, 2013 Malpractice insurance (also known as professional liability insurance) is an insurance policy that lawyers purchase to defend against and … read more

20. Malpractice Insurance | Utah State Bar

Utah's lawyers put themselves on the line every day to help people and build a successful practice. ALPS is here to protect them. read more

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