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1. Baltimore Landlord Tenant Lawyers | Compare Top Rated Maryland …

The Law Office of Justin B. Hill, LLC is dedicated to a client centered approach. Attorney Hill is committed to his clients and takes the time to understand his … read more

2. Tenants’ Rights: When to Hire a Lawyer | Nolo

Choose a local lawyer that is knowledgeable about landlordtenant law and has significant experience fighting evictions. Such a lawyer can come up with … read more

3. Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Lawyers – Compare Top Landlord …

PeggyAnn Wollman is an experienced attorney dedicated to providing service to those in cases involving real estate law, business law, landlord/tenant law, … read more

4. Renter’s Rights | Office of the Attorney General

Your rights as a tenant include the right to "quiet enjoyment," a legal term. This means your landlord cannot evict you without cause or otherwise disturb … read more

5. The Attorney General’s Guide to Landlord and Tenant Rights | Mass …

A lease is a good option for tenants and landlords seeking stability in a tenancy. The written agreement between the tenant and the landlord should contain all … read more

6. Landlord Tenant Lawyers Near You | Find the Right Landlord …

A real estate attorney will be able to help you identify the law that applies to your landlordtenant relationship and help you achieve a beneficial result. A … read more

7. Maryland Landlord Tenant Law Attorneys | Lusk Law, LLC

Maryland landlord tenant attorney Rebekah Lusk, who leads our landlord and tenant practice, is also a landlord. So, our knowledge comes not just from our … read more

8. 9 Tips For Finding And Hiring A landlord–Tenant Attorney

Jul 6, 2021 A landlordtenant attorney is one who specializes in the legal issues surrounding landlord and tenant rights. This type of attorney is an … read more

9. Landlord-Tenant | Washington State

If your complaint involves more than $10,000, you may wish to seek a private attorney. Information resources for tenants and landlords in the face of COVID-19 … read more

10. Virginia Landlord & Tenant Lawyers: VA Lawyer, Attorney, Attorneys …

Rental Property Or Housing Issues? A Landlord/Tenant Lawyer Can Help. Whether you are a renter who is leasing a house or apartment or a landlord who rents out … read more

11. Landlord/Tenant | NJ Courts

Landlord tenant cases are filed in the special civil part of Superior Court. Any landlord that is a business entity must be represented by a New Jersey attorney … read more

12. Columbia, SC Landlord Tenant Disputes Attorney | South Carolina …

Landlord Tenant Disputes Attorneys in Columbia, SC. It is not uncommon for landlordtenant disputes to arise from simple miscommunications. read more

13. Fort Lauderdale Landlord/Tenant Dispute Lawyer…lawyer/landlord-tenant-dispute-resolution/

Our Fort Lauderdale landlord/tenant lawyers possess a broad knowledge of real estate law, especially as it pertains to rental contracts. read more

14. Salem OR Landlord Tenant Attorney & Eviction Lawyer | Brady Mertz

Call Brady Mertz, a Salem landlord tenant attorney and eviction lawyer, at 503-385-0121 today to inquire about a first consultation fee. Footer. Contact Us. read more

15. What is Landlord / Tenant Law? – FindLaw…the…lawyer/landlord-tenant-law.html

Finally, if you wish to speak with a landlord/tenant lawyer, be sure you contact an attorney that habitually represents people in your position. Many landlord/ … read more

16. Do you need a real estate or landlord/tenant lawyer in South Carolina?…lawyer…lawyer/do-you-need-a-real-estate-or- landlordtenant-lawyer-in-south-carolina/

To reach the telephone service, both in state and out of state, call (800) 868-2284. In Richland and Lexington counties, call 799-7100. The online service is … read more

17. Landlord Tenant Lawyer Cleveland OH Eviction

Call our North Royalton, Ohio, law firm at 440-884-4300 for a free initial consultation about landlordtenant law. To contact us through email, please complete … read more

18. Landlord / Tenant Law | Hoboken Real Estate Lawyer Frank P …

Frank Marciano is a master of the law. He thinks outside the box and finds the best way to go about any issues that arise. His professional staff was great at … read more

19. Landlord-Tenant Dispute Lawyers in Bend | Baxter Harder, LLC

Give our landlordtenant dispute lawyers in Bend, OR a call at (541) 238-9210 if you are experiencing a problem with your landlord or a tenant. read more

20. Housing | State of California – Department of Justice – Office of the …

The Housing Strike Force is comprised of deputy attorneys general with a broad range of expertise in housing, consumer protection, tenants' rights, … read more

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