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1. Low stress attorney jobs with no billable hour requirement? : r …

Low stress attorney jobs with no billable hour requirement?
by u/swgej_5016 in Lawyertalk

Nov 28, 2022 This makes it extremely hard to work the long, thankless hours required for my job. Does anyone have any insight on a possible career/job … read more

2. Thrillable Hours: Alternative Careers for Lawyers, Fear, and Life …

When I quit my job as a corporate lawyer in 2008, I planned to take a … a “life after law” series called Thrillable Hours, a play on billable hours, … read more

3. The Least-Stressed Attorneys In A Stressed-Out Profession – Law360

Jul 23, 2018 From Billable Hours To Bedtime Stories: Lawyering With Children … job satisfaction and overall well-being, lawyers at midsize firms come … read more

4. Billable Hours: The Truth About Your Legal Career

Oct 8, 2018 Most attorney jobs require you to record your billable hours and some … Billable hours count more than non-billables, no matter what the … read more

5. The most prominent law firms without billable hours | CloutLegal

Apr 30, 2020 Law firms without billable hours listed · Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (USA) · Bartlit Beck LLP (USA) · Valorem Law Group (USA) · ElevateNext (USA). read more

6. Name all legal jobs that do not use billable hours… | Fishbowl

Feb 3, 2022 Government attorneys, in house insurance staff counsel, in house corporate counsel · In house roles. · Most plaintiff work · Wachtell for M&A ( … read more

7. Off the Beaten Partner Track: Law Jobs Offer Better Work-Life …

Dec 18, 2014 Others are experimenting with non-partnership-track positions that offer lower salaries, but require fewer billable hours and less travel. read more

8. Alternative Careers For Lawyers: What To Do When You Want To …

Aug 11, 2020 It's no secret that being a lawyer is one of the most stressful jobs that you can have. There are task forces, books, and a multitude of … read more

9. In Battle for Billable Hours, Not Coming in Will Cost Some …

May 30, 2023 Some partners are unwilling to help remote lawyers get hours or … it takes to get billable hours however they can and keep their jobs. read more

10. Can Law Firms Measure Ambition Without Billable Hours?

Nov 4, 2021 A recent report on lawyers' mental well-being suggests capping billable hours at 1800 a year. This should challenge Big Law to rethink how … read more

11. Alex W. West on LinkedIn: Litigation without billable hours is ……/alex-w-west-23607944_litigation-without- billable-hours-is-possible-activity-7053094779072507904-WPoJ

And 40 hour work weeks. And hybrid telework! And opportunities for national conferences! Yes this job exists. Senior Staff Attorney at DOLI. Apply at jobs. read more

12. Yale Law School Career Development Office The Truth About the ……/billable_hour.pdf

A. The Full Time Job: Target 1800 Billable Hours … Assume you spend a half-hour reading legal updates and … No sick days or personal days. read more

13. Billable and non-billable hours: how to find the perfect balance …

Jun 10, 2022 Some of the industries that track their billable and nonbillable hours to charge their clients are: accounting,; law firms and legal … read more

14. 5 Things you MUST Ask Before Taking a Billable Hour Job…/5-things-you-must-ask-before-taking-billable- hour-job-matthew-litt

Apr 27, 2015 A law firm that is doing billable hours the wrong way is a ditch … There's no way to tell whether the job you're interviewing for is a … read more

15. Alternative Careers for Lawyers

Nov 14, 2018 … don't involve billable hours. A lot of lawyers are unhappy with their traditional legal career paths. The highest paying law jobs might … read more

16. A Big Firm Shouldn’t Be Your Only Career Plan – New York State Bar …

Jan 8, 2019 No matter where you land after law school, your career options are always … 135% of your billable hours target to reach this requirement. read more

17. Valuable work isn’t always billable: Rethinking how lawyers use non ……/valuable-work-isn-t-always-billable-rethinking-how- lawyers-use-non-billable-hours/

Jul 8, 2022 The number of hours spent on administrative tasks compared to more … and that nonbillable time can be just as crucial to overall job … read more

18. This Firm Is Reducing Its Billable Hours Requirements To Improve …

Sep 9, 2021 While other firms have been attempting to keep associates from burning out on the job by plying them with these special gift rewards and cash … read more

19. Should this lawyer quit her job at a private firm and accept lower pay ……/should-this-lawyer-quit-her-job-at-a-private-firm-and- accept-lower-pay-elsewhere.html

Jan 13, 2016 What happens to law school grads who find stable jobs practicing … regret than private law, thanks in part to the “billable hours” system, … read more

20. Reasonable Accommodations for Attorneys with Disabilities | U.S. ……/reasonable-accommodations-attorneys-disabilities

May 23, 2006 Attorneys, Employers, HR Practitioners. Previous Revision. No … measures – for example, satisfying a minimum number of billable hours. read more

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