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1. Lawyers : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor …

Jun 5, 2023 Duties. Lawyers typically do the following: Advise and represent clients in criminal or civil proceedings and in other legal matters … read more

2. Employment and Labor Attorneys | Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

What Does Labor and Employment Law Cover? · Wrongful Termination · Discrimination (e.g., sex, race, color, harassment, national origin, religion, age, and … read more

3. Knowing when it’s time to talk to an employment attorney | Legalzoom

"An employment attorney deals with any aspect of employment," says attorney and shareholder Mark Levitt of Allen, Norton and Blue. "That could be discrimination … read more

4. What does a lawyer do? – CareerExplorer

Lawyers conduct legal research, analyze cases, draft legal documents, negotiate settlements, represent clients in court, and provide counsel on legal issues. read more

5. 15 Types of Lawyers: Roles, Duties and Earning Potential | Indeed …

Jul 31, 2023 Primary duties: A corporate lawyer works for a company, advising executives against business decisions that could lead to legal action and … read more

6. California Employment Law Attorneys | Free Consultation

The dedicated California employment law attorneys at Myers Law Group will make sure you're safe and fairly treated at work. Schedule a free consultation. read more

7. Georgia Employment Lawyer | Employment and Consumer Law Group

In order to hold an employer responsible for any damages or to file a work claim, consult with the Georgia employment lawyers with our firm today. read more

8. Employment Attorney in Florida | WE GET JUSTICE FOR WORKERS

Mar 29, 2023 Employment law covers all facets of the relationship between employer and employee — from … Contact a Skilled Employment Lawyer in Florida. read more

9. Phoenix Employment Lawyer | Labor Law Attorney | Free …

Are you being treated unfairly at work and don't know what to do about it? Contact an experienced Phoenix employment lawyer for a free consultation today. read more

10. Employee Rights & Employment Lawyers | NYC Bar

Employment law deals with your rights at your job. It covers hiring, firing, employment contracts, working conditions, wages and overtime; your rights if … read more

11. What type of lawyer do I need for work-related issues? – Nakase Law ……lawyers/what-type-of-lawyer-do-i-need-for- work-related-issues/

A lawyer for work-related issues, you need an “employment lawyer” or “labor law lawyer.” Sometimes, people refer to employment attorneys as a workplace … read more

12. Attorney at Work – Law Firm Management, Marketing and Legal …

One really good idea every day for lawyer entrepreneurs from the law firm management, legal marketing, legal technology, and lawyer well-being experts. read more

13. 12 Types of Lawyers: Roles and Qualifications…a-lawyer/types-of-lawyers/

1. Bankruptcy Lawyer · 2. Business Lawyer (Corporate Lawyer) · 3. Constitutional Lawyer · 4. Criminal Defense Lawyer · 5. Employment and Labor Lawyer · 6. read more

14. Pro Bono Lawyers: Where to Find One and How to Work With Them ……/pro-bono-lawyers-where-find-one-and-how-work- with-them

Oct 21, 2022 Here, learn how to find and work with pro bono attorneys in Texas. Pro bono lawyers, volunteer lawyers, and legal aid lawyers are all … read more

15. Work Lawyers – California Labor & Employment Attorneys

At Work Lawyers, our attorneys represent employees across California in legal disputes with their employers. read more

16. NYC Employment Lawyer | New York Labor Law Lawyers

New York City employment lawyers Mansell Law help workers get unpaid overtime or minimum wage & fight workplace discrimination, harassment & retaliation. read more

17. Hiring a Lawyer for an Employment Issue | Nolo…/chapter17-5.html

If you have a workplace dispute with your employer, you might need to hire an employment lawyer. While some issues can be resolved with open communication, … read more

18. Employment Law Attorneys in MI | Michigan Employment Lawyers…areas/employment-law/

If you've been subjected to wrongful discrimination, retaliation, or termination, call 248-970-9583 Fieger Law to consult our Michigan Employment Law … read more

19. Obtaining a Lawyer | Missouri labor

Workers' Compensation Cases and Legal Advice In What Situations Should I Consult a Lawyer? How Do I Find a Good Workers' Compensation Lawyer? read more

20. Institute on Religion, Law and Lawyer’s Work | Fordham School of Law…/institute-on-religion-law-and-lawyers-work/

Institute on Religion, Law and Lawyer's Work … be room in the profession for lawyers to integrate religious perspectives and substantive critiques to the … read more

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