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1. Do I Need a Wrongful Termination Lawyer? – FindLaw

Unlawful reasons for termination include firing in violation of anti-discrimination law, firing as a form of sexual harassment, firing in violation of labor … read more

2. Wrongful Termination | Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

If you think you were fired without proper cause, contact one of our employment litigation attorneys. You may be owed back pay, unpaid wages, or other forms of … read more

3. California Wrongful Termination Lawyers | The Myers Law Group

Were you fired from your job for an unlawful reason? The experienced California wrongful termination lawyers at the Myers Law Group will protect your … read more

4. Florida Wrongful Termination Lawyers | Morgan & Morgan Law Firm

At Morgan & Morgan, our labor and employment attorneys have filed more cases than any other law firm in the nation, including those involving wrongful … read more

5. Colorado Wrongful Termination Claims | HKM Attorneys

The experienced employment attorneys at HKM will stand up and fight for employees who have been terminated for wrongful reasons. If you believe you have … read more

6. Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyer – Free Consultation

Call (310) 553-5630 for more information. How long should I wait before hiring a wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles, CA? There are several advantages … read more

7. Oregon Wrongful Termination Lawyers | HKM Attorneys

HKM Employment Attorneys offer their services to employees who are involved in a wrongful discharge situation. Our firm has extensive experience representing … read more

8. What to Look For In a Wrongful Termination Lawyer – MJSB …

Sep 15, 2021 A Skilled Employment Lawyer Makes All the Difference … If you dealt with wrongful termination, it is necessary to work with a lawyer to maximize … read more

9. Atlanta Wrongful Termination Lawyers | Georgia Wrongful Discharge …

Greg Fidlon is an experienced wrongful termination lawyer. In addition to a law degree, Mr. Fidlon is a Certified Public Accountant. He has represented both … read more

10. Wrongful Termination | Dallas Employment Lawyers Rob Wiley, P.C.

The Law Office of Rob Wiley, P.C. represents Texas employees in wrongful termination cases. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, please contact … read more

11. Philadelphia Wrongful Termination Lawyer | Employment Law In PA ……/philadelphia-wrongful-termination/

Contact a Philadelphia Wrongful Termination Lawyer at the Philadelphia Employment Law Firm of Sidney L. Gold & Associates … If you or someone you know is in … read more

12. Fort Worth Wrongful Termination Lawyer | TX…/wrongful-termination

Unlawful discrimination is but one of the many types of wrongful termination claims our lawyers can address. Wrongfully terminated employees – those who were … read more

13. Wrongful Termination Attorney New Orleans & Baton Rouge

If you feel you have been fired from your job illegally, the legal team at the office of Robert B. Landry III PLC, in Baton Rouge can help. When an employer has … read more

14. Wrongful Discharge / Wrongful Termination | New Jersey … termination.html

The knowledgeable New Jersey wrongful termination lawyers of Resnick Law Group are adept at helping people who have been wrongfully discharged or wrongfully … read more

15. Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Florida | We Get Justice For Workers…law…/wrongful-termination-lawyer/

Feb 9, 2023 If you were unlawfully fired, our Florida wrongful termination lawyers will fight to get you justice. Contact our law offices at (813) 639-9366 … read more

16. Wrongful Termination Laws in Arizona | Matt Fendon Law Group…lawyer/…termination/arizona-employment- termination-laws/

Find out the steps you need to take when filing for social security disability benefits in Arizona. Contact our SSD attorneys for help at Fendon Law Group … read more

17. Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Minneapolis MN | Halunen Law…law/wrongful-termination/

Wrongful Termination Law Firm in Minnesota. At Minneapolis-based Halunen Law, our employment lawyers have been dealing with … read more

18. Wrongful Termination Attorneys Near You | Find the Right Wrongful …

A wrongful termination lawyer is a lawyer that specializes in wrongful termination cases. Wrongful termination, also called unlawful termination, … read more

19. San Antonio Wrongful Termination Lawyer | Law Office of Jeffrey ……/wrongful-termination-lawyer/

If you have questions or think you have a case, then contact a San Antonio wrongful termination lawyer at the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg today. read more

20. New York Wrongful Termination Lawyers | Employment Attorney…law/unlawful-termination/

Top-Rated Employment Attorneys Handling Discrimination & Retaliation Cases · What is Unlawful Termination? · What to Do After Being Unlawfully Terminated · The … read more

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