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1. New York City Theft Lawyer | Petty and Grand Larceny

Petty Larceny Charges. New York law defines many misdemeanor theft charges. A misdemeanor charge is one that is punishable by up to one year in jail, along with … read more

2. South Carolina Theft Lawyer | Larceny Defense Attorney

To protect yourself from the serious penalties associated with larceny and theft charges, consult with a South Carolina theft lawyer today. read more

3. Dallas Theft Defense Attorney | Shoplifting, Petty Theft, Grand Theft …

Let the experienced theft defense attorneys at Clancy & Clancy defend you against theft charges We have successfully defended clients facing shoplifting, … read more

4. Felony Theft Lawyers | Felony Lawyer Near Me | LegalMatch

Feb 26, 2021 Theft felony laws, in general, are property crimes that involve the unlawful taking of another person's property, with the requisite intent … read more

5. Los Angeles Property Crimes & Theft Defense Attorney | Sitkoff …

If you have been charged with a theft offense or property crime, you can trust our expert theft lawyers to fight your case. read more

6. Virginia Theft Lawyer | Petit and Grand Larceny Charges

If you have been accused of committing theft, contact a seasoned and dedicated Virginia theft lawyer. An experienced attorney could fight for you. read more

7. Philadelphia Theft Lawyer | Theft Penalties in Philadelphia

If you are charged with theft, shoplifting, robbery, bad check writing, or theft by deception, you can contact a Philadelphia theft lawyer today. read more

8. Best Houston Theft Lawyer | Free Consultation 24/7 | Greco Neyland …

Houston Theft Lawyer. No matter the circumstances of your arrest or seriousness of the alleged crime, you deserve a strong defense to criminal charges … read more

9. Houston Theft Attorney | Theft Crime Lawyer In Houston

Accused of or charged with theft? Experienced Houston theft attorney Lisa Shapiro Strauss can help guide you through the process and fight for your rights. read more

10. New Jersey Theft Defense Attorney – The Law Office of Jason A. Volet

Receiving stolen property; Robbery (if the theft involves bodily injury or threat of injury); Theft from grave sites; Cargo carrier theft; Stealing scrap metal. read more

11. Houston Misdemeanor Theft Lawyer | Houston Criminal Defense ……/theft/houston-tx-misdemeanor-theft/

Are you facing a theft charge in Texas? Call to discuss your case with a Houston misdemeanor theft lawyer today at (713) 222-6767. read more

12. Theft Attorney – St. Petersburg, FL | Hanlon Law html

Robbery; Motor vehicle theft; Writing worthless checks; Identity theft; Shoplifting; Fraud; Embezzlement; Forgery; Computer crimes; Dealing in stolen property … read more

13. Philadelphia Theft Lawyer | Theft Penalties in Philadelphia

If you are charged with theft, shoplifting, robbery, bad check writing, or theft by deception, you can contact a Philadelphia theft lawyer today. read more

14. Seattle Theft Attorney | Emerald City Law Group Inc

Theft charges? Don't panic! Contact a Seattle theft attorney from Emerald City Law Group. For 100% FREE and confidentials consult, call: (206) 973-0407. read more

15. Virginia Theft Lawyer | Charges for Stealing in NoVa

If you have been charged with theft or robbery in NoVa, call an experienced Virginia theft attorney for a free consultation. read more

16. New York Theft Lawyer | NY Crime Defense Attorneys Saland Law

When a theft crime is a misdemeanor, the general charges are either petit larceny 155.25 or a fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, which is … read more

17. Baltimore Theft Lawyer | Shoplifting Attorney in Baltimore

Baltimore Theft Lawyers Handle These Cases. Theft Attorney in Baltimore County MD In the past, there used to be many different laws such as larceny, auto theft, … read more

18. Columbus Theft Attorney Near You – Theft Defense Lawyer in Ohio …

Facing theft charges in Ohio? Our experienced theft defense attorneys have over 50 years of collective legal experience. Call now to get help with your … read more

19. Miami Identity Theft Lawyer

The Miami identity theft lawyers at the Baez Law Firm in Miami have successfully helped clients fight against many white collar charges and understand how … read more

20. Free Consultation | San Diego Theft Lawyer | Sevens Legal

San Diego Theft Lawyer. If charged with a theft crime you can face severe criminal penalties and social stigma. The attorneys at Sevens Legal, … read more

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