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1. Medical Billing Advocates and Lawyers: Who to Use and When …

Mar 13, 2020 Advocate pricing is generally lower than attorneys and they deal with medical billing issues for a living. Experienced advocates have often … read more

2. Do I Need a Lawyer for Medical Bills? | SoloSuit Blog

Dec 2, 2022 Overall, you do not need a lawyer to fight medical debt. Simply gather information, look into any violations of the FDCPA, and ask them to prove … read more

3. Medical Bills Lawyer | Debt Advisors Law Offices

Call our firm toll free at 888-222-5615 or fill out the form on this page to get started. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief … read more

4. California Medical Billing Advocates – Free Help to Fight Medical Bill

California Medical Billing Advocates is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps to negotiate or dispute medical bills before they become crippling debt. read more

5. Denver Medical Debt Attorney | Parker Hospital Bills Lawyer

If you are overwhelmed and unable to pay your debts, turn to The Bruntz Law Firm, LLC, in Colorado. Our Parker attorney for medical debts has the detailed … read more

6. Medical Billing Attorney | Medical Debt Collections | Florida

Medical Billing Attorney & Fight Medical Bills in Florida. … Medical billing errors and overcharges can lead to a lot of frustration in an already … read more

7. Lawyer for Medical Bills: Things You Need to Know

Lawyers for medical billing usually charge a flat amount of $75 to $350 each hour. Hiring a medical billing advocate to review your medical bills and negotiate … read more

8. Medical Billing Pointers

Under an agreement between the Minnesota Attorney General and most Minnesota hospitals, if a patient expresses an inability to pay an entire hospital bill … read more

9. Medical & Hospital Bills | Boston Injuries Lawyer William Kickham

Massachusetts Medical Treatment and Hospital Bills Law Firm. Medical & Hospital Bills Following an accident of any kind, you may face very expensive costs … read more

10. How Personal Injury Lawyers Help Fight Hospital Bills. | FVF Law Firm

May 9, 2019 After a traumatic accident, you may be left with overwhelming medical bills. A personal injury lawyer can help you fight them โ€” here's how. read more

11. Hospitals and Medical Facilities | Office of the Attorney General…/hospitals-and-medical-facilities

DSHS will also investigate claims of improper hospital billing. You can also contact DSHS by calling (888) 973-0022. Nursing Home Complaints. The state agency … read more

12. Excessive Medical Billing Claim Lawyer | Insurance Attorney

CALL YOUR INSURANCE ATTORNEY FIRST … If you are confronted with medical bills that you cannot pay, contact Your Insurance Attorney. Our ability to negotiate not … read more

13. Medical Debt Attorney | Medical Debt Defense | Holland Law Firm…/medical-debt-attorney/

As medical debt attorneys, we're keenly aware of the problems people face when it comes to paying their medical bills. Don't give up. Give us a call. read more

14. How to Handle Your Medical Debt | Law Office of David A. Fernandez…/handling-medical-debt/

At the Law Office of David A. Fernandez, P.C., our Houston medical debt lawyers help you manage your medical debts to keep them from overwhelming you. read more

15. How Can the Health Care Section Help Me? โ€“ PA Office of Attorney ……/healthcare…/how-can-the-health-care- section-help-me/

I had surgery at a local hospital. When I checked the bill over, I knew there were charges for medications and post-operative therapy I never received. read more

16. Medical Debt – Debt Collection – Guides at Texas State Law Library

Mar 24, 2023 Timely Billing. Texas has a "timely billing" law. It requires health care service providers to bill a patient no later than the first day … read more

17. Medical Debt Attorneys Dallas and Fort Worth TX – Leinart Law Firm

If you are struggling with crippling medical bills, the medical debt lawyers at Leinart Law Firm may be able to help. Schedule your free consultation today! read more

18. Dealing with hospital bills | Illinois Legal Aid Online

Explains what a hospital can do to collect a bill and the rights the patient has. … complaints to the Health Care Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General. read more

19. Medical Bills | New York Debt Relief Lawyer

Lawsuit For Medical Bills? New York Lawsuit Defense Attorneys. When faced with a lawsuit for medical debts, the claim may includes causes of action for … read more

20. Hospital Billing Practices | Georgia Consumer Protection Laws …

Hospital bills can be very difficult for the average person to understand. According to the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act [O.C.G.A. Section … read more

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