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The Firm and the Attorney desire to have the attorney practice law as an employee of the Firm. It is agreed by and between the parties as follows: Section 1. read more

2. NYC Employment Contract Lawyer

For help negotiating, drafting or reviewing employment contracts or other employment agreements, or enforcing or challenging them in court, call the experienced … read more

3. Lawyer for Employment Contract: How They Can Help You

What is an Employment Contract Lawyer? A lawyer for an employment contract is legal counsel who helps people with the drafting, review, or negotiation of an … read more

4. Minnesota Employment Contract Lawyers | Agreements | Halunen Law

The Minnesota employment contract attorneys of Halunen Law can assist you in virtually all contract matters, from the review of offer letters to full-scale … read more

5. Employment Contracts | New Jersey Labor Lawyers McLaughlin …

McLaughlin & Nardi's New Jersey employment attorneys negotiate, draft and enforce employment contracts. We are also experienced at litigating over employee … read more

6. Finding a lawyer to review your physician employment contract …

Jan 20, 2023 Finding attorneys that specialize in physician employment contracts is not difficult. Contacting the state medical association in the state … read more

7. Should a lawyer review my offer and employment contract?

Oct 7, 2021 Having a lawyer review your contract before you sign helps you understand your obligations while you are employed – but often more importantly … read more

8. Free Employment Contract Template & FAQs – Rocket Lawyer

An Employment Contract serves as the binding document between employer and employee. Employment Contracts set out important terms of employment, and ensure that … read more

9. Florida Employment Contract Lawyer

As Florida employment contract lawyers, we are here to help you identify any future issues between you and your employees and to address them now. read more

10. Tampa Employment Contracts Attorney – Wenzel Fenton Cabassa …

When you feel that your rights may have been violated, the employment attorneys at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P.A., can help you understand the laws and obtain just … read more

11. Philadelphia Employment Contract Attorneys

Philadelphia Lawyer for Employment Contracts. At Console Mattiacci Law, LLC, we assist employees confronted with an employment contract issue. read more

12. Employment Related Agreements | Nashville Employment Litigation …

Pepper Law, PLC is a Nashville based law firm consisting of experienced employment agreement litigation lawyers which handles employment agreement cases in … read more

13. Maryland Employment Contract Attorneys | Andrew M. Dansicker, LLC…/employment- contracts/

Attorney Andrew Dansicker and our team have extensive experience analyzing employment contracts and non-compete agreements. We have litigated these types of … read more

14. Lawyer for Employment Contracts & Agreements in Utah…/employee-contracts/

Choose a Skilled Utah Employment Law Attorney · For experienced help, contact Pearson Butler at (800) 265-2314. · Pearson Butler has substantial experience … read more

15. Miami Employment Contract Lawyer | BT Law | Your Labor Contract …

What does an employment contract lawyer do? · Advise you on limitations, risks and red flags · Ensure your contract complies with state and federal employment … read more

16. Employment & Severance Agreements | Boston Contract Lawyers …

Call 617-742-6020 – Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein is dedicated to serving our clients with a range of legal services including Contract and Employment cases. read more

17. Employment Contracts | New Jersey Discrimination Lawyers …

The New Jersey employment attorneys of Resnick Law Group can advise you of your rights under state and federal laws. We regularly assist employees in lawsuits … read more

18. Employment Contract Lawyer – Houston, Texas

Employment Contracts. The Scharfman Law Firm, PLLC represents clients in a variety of employment contract issues all over Texas, and is an aggressive … read more

19. Employee Contract Lawyer – New York | Bell Law Group

New York Employee Contract Lawyer … At The Bell Law Group, PLLC, we represent employees in their negotiations with employers based in New York State. Our law … read more

20. Employment Contract Review | St. Louis | HKM Employment Attorneys

Employment contracts can be confusing and intimidating. Contact HKM Attorneys for help understanding contracts and your rights. We're here to help. read more

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