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1. Lawyers For Employee And Consumer Rights

The Lawyers for Employee and Consumer Rights has recovered money for thousands of California workers. We fight to protect workers' rights. read more

2. Employee Rights Attorneys Near You | Find the Right Employee …

An employee rights attorney, or employee rights lawyer, may also be known as an employment law attorney. Such an attorney handles a wide variety of issues … read more

3. Knowing when it’s time to talk to an employment attorney | Legalzoom

An employment attorney can help employers and employees work together to reach a … Even if the employee has a lawyer, the agency investigator does [the … read more

4. Employment Attorney in Florida | WE GET JUSTICE FOR WORKERS

Mar 29, 2023 At The Feldman Legal Group, our Florida employment lawyers represent employees who have been faced with these issues, who are unable to … read more

5. Illinois Employment Law Attorney | Employee Rights

Employment Lawyers, Consumer Rights Attorneys | Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman. PC – Illinois Employment Law. read more

6. Florida Employee Rights Lawyer

Out Florida employee rights lawyers offer advice to employers and employees regarding their rights and obligations in the work place. read more

7. Rocket Lawyer Group Legal Benefits – Group Legal Plans

70% of employees will need legal help this year. Give your employees a benefit they'll actually use. read more

8. Georgia Employment Lawyer | Employment and Consumer Law Group

In order to hold an employer responsible for any damages or to file a work claim, consult with the Georgia employment lawyers with our firm today. read more

9. Connecticut Employee Rights Lawyer | Garrison Law

Workers' Rights Lawyers of Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti, P.C.. We represent people – from corporate executives to hourly workers – in every … read more

10. Employee Rights & Employment Lawyers | NYC Bar

Looking for an employment attorney? Get info about employee rights, contracts, and wages. Find a reputable employment lawyer in NYC. read more

11. When You Should Contact an Employment Lawyer in New Jersey … -in-new-jersey/

Employment lawyers are dedicated to ensuring that workers are treated fairly and to helping them fight for their rights when they are not. As an employee … read more

12. California Employment Law Attorneys | Free Consultation

We don't just care about employee law. … I told her she should look for a lawyer at a practice where the entire practice is devoted, to some degree and to … read more

13. Employee Rights — Free Legal Advice | Employment Lawyers

Do employee rights entitle the workers to sit down or are the workers required to stand up all day? California Employee Rights Lawyers. At Blumenthal, … read more

14. Lawyer for Employee Rights: How They Can Help You

Oct 26, 2022 A lawyer for employee rights helps employees getting a settlement or other justice for workplace transgressions. read more

15. Maine Employment Lawyer | Portland Maine Employment …

Call Us Now | Call 207.874.0905 | Maine Employee Rights Group is dedicated to representing employees who have been terminated due to their health, … read more

16. Employment Law Attorneys in MI | Michigan Employment Lawyers…areas/employment-law/

Protecting The Rights Of Michigan Employees · Wage and Hour Disputes · Employer Retaliation · Workplace Discrimination · Workplace Sexual Harassment · Wrongful … read more

17. New Hampshire Employment Lawyer | Manchester Employment …

Call Us Now – Call (833) 365-2929 – New Hampshire Employee Rights Group is dedicated to providing our clients with legal services in Employment and … read more

18. Phoenix Employment Lawyer | Labor Law Attorney | Free …

The 6 most common forms of employee mistreatment include: Not meeting minimum wage requirements; Ignoring overtime pay laws; Misclassification of employees … read more

19. NC Employment Lawyers With Experience | James Scott Farrin

Simple answer: an attorney helps you protect your rights as an employee. While your situation at work is unique, an experienced employment attorney may have … read more

20. Memphis Employment Lawyer | Protecting Employee’s Rights in TN

Our seasoned Memphis employment law attorneys at Donati Law, PLLC have more than 35 years' experience protecting the rights of employees. read more

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