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1. Breaking a Lease – Rocket Lawyer

While you may have valid reasons for wanting to get out of your lease, breaking a lease is still a breach of contract, so you could be penalized. read more

2. How to Terminate Your Lease | Lease Termination Lawyers …

Mar 10, 2021 If you have any questions regarding your right to terminate a lease, you should consult with a skilled and knowledgeable landlord tenant lawyer … read more

3. Ending the Lease – Landlord/Tenant Law – Guides at Texas State …

7 days ago Please contact an attorney for help determining what the law means for … If a tenant wants to move out early and break their lease for a … read more

4. Tenant’s Right to Break a Rental Lease in Colorado | Nolo

Breaking a lease and leaving early in Colorado is allowed under certain circumstances. By Ann O'Connell, Attorney. Many tenants who sign … read more

5. New Jersey Breaking a Lease Law Firm – The Cintron Firm, LLC

If you intend to just move out at the end of your lease term, you should not need an attorney. However, you must give advance written notice to your landlord of … read more

6. Philadelphia Lease Termination Lawyer | Mark Copoulos Law

Lease Termination Lawyer ~ In Philadelphia there are many ways for a tenant to break a residential lease before the end of the lease term. read more

7. Breaking Your Lease | California Tenant Law

Aug 11, 2021 Renters' Rights: pages of free legal advice for California tenants on evictions, security deposits, tenant lawyer directory, and more. read more

8. How to Legally Break a Lease in Texas

Jan 1, 2023 We recommend that you consult with an attorney that specializes in Landlord/Tenant Law should you have any issues with your landlord. Below you … read more

9. Breaking a Lease in Chicago – A Tenants’ Rights

There are many reasons for breaking a lease in Chicago. This article discusses the possible ways to break a Chicago lease and the importance of legal counsel. read more

10. Breaking Leases Early | McAdams Law | New York, New York …

Tenants' lawyer Jeff McAdams has extensive experience in helping tenants deal with their landlords, and in successfully negotiating early lease termination in a … read more

11. Breaking A Colorado Residential Lease – Colorado Real Estate …

A lawyer with expertise in real estate law can help guide you on this. Reasons Tenants Generally Can NOT Break the Lease, Even if They Want To. Again, a lease … read more

12. Can You Get Out of a Lease Agreement?…/can-you-get-out-of-a-lease-agreement/

Apr 22, 2022 Boyes, a real estate attorney at BoyesLegal in San Jose, adds that tenants can break leases whenever they want. “The real question,” she says, “ … read more

13. Break Lease Arizona Tenants Advocates

Some cases involve sending an inspector to the rental dwelling to determine physical noncompliances in and around the premises, combined with an attorney review … read more

14. Rental Lease Lawyer With Offices in Hackensack New Brunswick …

Are you currently renting a home or an apartment, with months left on the lease? Do you need or want to terminate or "break" the lease before the end of the … read more

15. Top 5 Ways to Break a Lease on an Apartment Or a House

What happens if I break my lease? · Find Something Wrong · Review Contract for Termination Clause · Sublet · Lease Termination Agreement · Pay the Fees (and Lawyer … read more

16. Breaking Your Lease Agreement | Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C.

Contact the Dallas real estate attorneys of Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., at (214) 824-1414 to learn more about breaking your lease agreement. read more

17. Attorney General of Virginia…

2 : I'm on a yearly lease and want to move. Can I break my lease? You should review your lease thoroughly to determine if there is an early termination clause. read more

18. Breaking A Lease | Tenants Union

The Landlord-Tenant Act allows only four reasons for breaking a lease during the term … It's a good idea to consult an attorney to review the terms of the … read more

19. How to Break Your Lease Without Paying Your Landlord A Dime … landlord/

May 18, 2020 If a tenant is constructively evicted, the landlord may be liable for the return of the tenant's rent, future rent, emotional distress, attorney … read more

20. Boston, MA lease dispute lawyer

Lease disputes are common. They often involve matters such as: Nonpayment of rent; Breaking a lease early through constructive termination (like property … read more

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