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1. Ben Crump’s Legal Crusade Against Police Brutality

Jul 10, 2019 Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice — civil-rights lawyer Ben Crump is trying to turn the Black Lives Matter protest movement into a … read more

2. Black Lives Matter – Volunteer Lawyers Project

VLP stands firm beside our Black colleagues, friends, family, and neighbors in the fight for safety, justice, and peace. We take this stand because Black Lives … read more

3. Attorney Ben Crump on the fight for Black lives | WUSF Public Media

Jan 28, 2022 For the past decade, Tallahassee attorney Ben Crump has been on the front line of the Black Lives Matter movement, representing families of … read more

4. Law For Black Lives

Made up of a network of nearly 6,000 radical lawyers and legal advocates, we are building a legal network that supports Black organizing and Black movements … read more

5. Black Lives Matter Movement | Nisar Law Group, P.C.

At Nisar Law Group, P.C., we support the Black Lives Matter movement and don't stand for race-based discrimination. Contact our New York lawyers for legal … read more

6. Biden Lawyer Battles Whole Foods Over Black Lives Matter Masks …

Aug 15, 2022 Whole Foods' Battle Against Black Lives Matter Masks Has Much Higher Stakes. Jennifer Abruzzo, general counsel at the NLRB, is seeking a … read more

7. How Ben Crump became America’s go-to police brutality lawyer …

May 30, 2021 Crump, one of most prominent figures in the Black Lives Matter movement, has represented the families of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and … read more

8. Response from BLMGNF’s Lawyer to Melina Abdullah and BLM …

Sep 5, 2022 The allegation in the September 1, 2022 complaint filed by Melina Abdullah and BLM Grassroots that Shalomyah Bowers and Bowers Consulting … read more

9. Controversy over defense lawyer’s Black Lives Matter pin delays …

Sep 20, 2016 A union for Las Vegas police officers sent a letter last week to Chief District Judge David Barker expressing concern about defense attorneys … read more

10. Black Lives Matter – Justis Connection

Justis Connection is the premier Black attorney referral platform dedicated to educating and empowering the community in the law. Connect. Connect with a lawyer … read more

11. Black Lives Matter | National Lawyers Guild

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected] Last week, the NLG sent a letter to President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Attorney … read more

12. Grosse Pointe Shores attorney plans fight over Black Lives Matter sign…/black-lives-matter…/3798494001/

Dec 2, 2020 Attorney Todd Russell Perkins says he was cited by Grosse Pointe Shores for a large Black Lives Matter sign in front of his home. read more

13. INTERVIEW: Black Lives Matter—A Discussion with Two Civil Rights ……

Jun 2, 2021 4 About, BLACK LIVES MATTER, (last visited Feb. 13, … attorneys to give me their perspective on BLM. read more

14. Missouri Supreme Court disciplines St. Louis lawyers who waved ……/missouri-supreme-court-disciplines-st-louis-lawyers- who-waved-guns-at-blm-protesters

Feb 8, 2022 Louis attorneys who waved guns at Black Lives Matter protesters in 2020, but it stayed their suspensions and placed them on probation for a year … read more

15. Fundraising site will not support lawsuits against Black Lives Matter ……/fundraising-site-will-not-support-lawsuits-black-lives- matter

Jul 9, 2017 A lawyer trying to raise money for her lawsuits against Black Lives Matter on behalf of Baton Rouge police officers was rejected by a … read more

16. Attorney who helped firebomb NYPD car during BLM protests … blm-sentenced-prison-142139479.html

Jan 27, 2023 On Thursday a federal judge in Brooklyn sentenced a corporate attorney who firebombed a police car during the 2020 Black Lives Matter … read more

17. During George Floyd Protests, 2 Lawyers’ Futures Went Up in ……/lawyers-sentenced-molotov-police-car.html

Jan 26, 2023 … 1 a.m. on May 30, 2020, when a Molotov cocktail ignited the center console of an empty police car during a Black Lives Matter protest. read more

18. Mark McCloskey, Lawyer Who Pointed Gun at BLM Crowd, Mulls … protesters-considering-senate-run-2021-4

Apr 21, 2021 The lawyer who pointed his gun at Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis is considering running for Senate · Mark McCloskey and his wife … read more

19. St Louis lawyer who pointed gun at BLM protesters announces ……/mark-mccloskey-gun-black-lives-matter- protesters-senate-run

May 20, 2021 The St Louis man who brandished his gun at Black Lives Matter protesters last summer, Mark McCloskey, announced on Tuesday that he is … read more

20. The Role of an Activist Attorney in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement ……/the-role-of-an-activist-attorney-in-the- blacklivesmatter-movement

Feb 23, 2016 Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children's Defense Fund, had learned this a decade before when tapped by LDF to run its Mississippi office … read more

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